the fate of the new album suspended to court decisions

Dupuis Editions has chosen to postpone publication, “for the sake of appeasement”since Franquin’s daughter announced to imprison the Belgian judges.

Éditions Dupuis, which published a first gag of Gaston Lagaffe drawn by a new author, said on Thursday to suspend future publications, at the time of the lawsuit filed by the daughter of the late designer Franquin, who opposes any new version.

the weekly Spirou dated April 6, it contains on the last page a plaque signed by the Canadian Delaf, who takes up the hero created by the Belgian André Franquin. Spirou more promisedone mistake per weekon its cover. But on Tuesday, March 29, Isabelle Franquin, daughter and sole beneficiary of the designer, announced that she had gone to the Belgian court to ban “all promotion and pre-publicationof these new adventures.

Frankin «has always expressed throughout his life, continuously and repeatedly, his wish that Gaston not survive him under the pencil of another designer“, advanced.

Contacted by AFP, Dupuis explained that the weekly was “printed very early“. Therefore, this plate could not be removed from the paper version.”In the interests of appeasement, we have taken the initiative to suspend the rest of the pre-publication pending the judicial decision.“, the Belgian comics publisher added in a press release. The case will be heard in Brussels on May 16.

Spirit faithful to the Franquin series

Isabelle Franquin’s lawyer, Martine Berwette, questioned by AFP, estimated “unfortunatea plank appears. “Precisely to avoid these pre-publications and vignettes, the abbreviated procedure was initiated pending a decision on the merits.“, she continued. Dupuis’ lawyer, Alain Berenboom, interviewed on Tuesday, believed that “the very principle of making a new album is not contrary to moral rightssince Franquin, when giving up his rights to the character, signed a clause that provided for the possibility of relaunching the series with another author. Dupuis adds that the new Gaston Lagaffe is “totally respectful of the work of André Franquin“. Faithfully reproduces the graphics and spirit of the series published between 1963 and 1997.

This revival, described as “illegalby Isabelle Franquin, was revealed ten days ago at the Angoulême festival by Stéphane Beau jean, editorial director of Dupuis. “It is taking risks. Even if it means relaunching the series, we told ourselves there was no point in going small. Because he is one of the most emblematic characters of Franco-Belgian comics“, he later explained to AFP. the scrapbook Lagaffe’s return by Delaf will be released on October 19, with a print run of 1.2 million copies.

album cover Lagaffe’s return. Delaf after Franquin Dupuis, Dargaud-Lombard, 2022.

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