these products can be dangerous for health, they are chocolate cakes

The bargain king has struck again, but not to offer you a big promotion. Poor me, Lidl has to deal with a product recall related to chocolate cakes chocolate very popular with children. Apparently, the latter would have an overdose of additives… We reveal precisely what references it is.

Lidl : a new recall of products intended for children!

Lidl It is very present in the world of cooking. Indeed, the German giant markets all the necessary ingredients. In addition, the brand regularly offers you recipe ideas that you can also find on the YouTube channel with chefs Hervé and Audrey. Finally, Lidl It also has all the appliances and at an unbeatable price. Thus, over the years, the king of good deals has positioned itself in the hearts of the French as one of the favorite brands. Trust had been established between consumers and the distributor. Unfortunately, like other stores, Lidl stands out for certain products of dubious composition.

In fact, they are all around us on the shelves, but we don’t see them… These are food additives. Lidl unfortunately it is not an exception to the rule. It deals with many products and even some for children. So look closely at the labels and if you read the letter E, avoid buying this food. We warn you, it will not be easy since it is everywhere. In any case, food companies are obliged to mention them. You will be unpleasantly surprised to discover that your little ones’ cakes are filled with it… Additive, coloring, preservative, everything is there! It’s no secret that these substances are dangerous to health…

Lidl : protect your little ones from this product!

If you are used to doing your courses at[person]’s house Lidl and you usually buy brand chocolate cakes Sondey, stop now! Indeed, Lidl must carry out a withdrawal of three batches of “Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies” of this brand To give you more precision, these are boxes containing ten small cakes for a total weight of 300 g. The affected batch numbers are as follows: 046G210 / 046G211 / 046G212. They all have the same barcode: 04056489371885.

The safety threshold for this additive is exceeded

In addition, we can also tell you that these references were sold between February 16 and March 23, 2022, with a consumption date set for August 18 of that same year. The product recall is addressed to all stores in France. According to drink reminder, the item could contain an overdose of the additive sodium diphosphate, better known by the code name E450. This would have exceeded the safety threshold.

What happens when you eat this food?

When this additive is present in too large a dose in the product, it causes flavor distortion. We’re indicated which is not really dangerous, but the taste will be less good. In addition, the possibility of mild digestive problems is mentioned, but not necessarily in all people. In case of stomach pains, do not hesitate to consult your doctor and ask for his opinion. Like other product recalls, you have the option to get your money back. In fact, just bring back the product in the shop Lidl closest to you. In any case, it should not be consumed.

It’s been a while since Lidl had not been affected by such problems. The latter referred to pizzas and Salmon Some months ago. By the way, speaking of pizzas, we take this opportunity to share this pizza reminder information below.

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