Why the show airs almost a year after it was filmed

We had to take our troubles patiently, but this time, that’s it, we’ll finally see the banana, the pig, and the tigress in the spotlight. This Friday, mask singer is coming back TF1 with the same jury as the previous edition, and still Camila Combal as master of ceremonies. Fans of the show have been impatient for several months, and for good reason: Filming for the third season began last June, exactly nine months ago.

If the researchers have taken almost all of them an extra year since the recording of the program, it is because the channel still did not know what their return would be like at that time due to the COVID-19. “There was still a lot of uncertainty about dance with the stars “says Rémi Faure, director of stream programs for the TF1 group. The dance show having been able to take place without incident, then it was necessary to make choices.

“We had a lot of entertainment at the beginning of the school year, so we kept this season, which we thought was very successful, for another period so we didn’t have all the big events at the same time,” he adds. citing the ten years of The voicetwenty years of Koh Lanta and the three bonuses dedicated to star academy.

“Researchers sometimes fell from above”

Who says new edition says news. indignant the costumes of the twelve celebrities – which will evolve over the weeks for some – the production has chosen to “push the cursor of the investigation a little further and give researchers and viewers more weapons,” says Anthony Meunier, general director of ‘Herve Hubert Productions. Therefore, it will be necessary to be vigilant during the performances since the staging, the dancers and the props can put you on the track of the name of the personality.

Don’t forget to keep your ears open as for the first time we will hear the stars speak in their real voice on set. But beware, they will only be able to pronounce a single word selected by the members of the jury. “Very quickly, they happened” unconstitutionally “to have the longest word”, smiles Rémi Faure.

Since three years have passed since kev adamsAlessandra Sublet, Jarry and Anggun guess who is hiding behind the disguises of mask singer, they had to be put in trouble. When characters first arrive, investigators will write the name of the person they think they recognize on an envelope. It is not the moment of Chacune’s elimination of celebrities who compteras the points in order to know who the four members of the jury (or Camille Combal who lends himself to the boy) aura eu la meilleure intuition dès the match. “They had evidence multiple times,” says Anthony Meunier. They were sure of themselves to put both hands to cut and sometimes fell from above. »

No presidential candidate under the suits

They have accumulated more than 100 million viewers, won several awards, fought in the final… and they are all on the stage of mask singer. If it is impossible to know who is hiding behind the disguises, it is just as difficult to extract information from the channel. “We have profiles that come from somewhat unexpected environments,” the director of stream programs for the TF1 group simply slips.

Somewhat unexpected horizons like the political sphere, for example? “We are not necessarily in favor of mixing genders and having politicians under the guise, a priori it is not something we do”, replies Rémi Faure. With the production teams currently tearing their hair out over which political jokes to keep in the edit due to equal airtime, we can be pretty sure we won’t see one of the contestants in the presidential election as a cosmonaut or a chameleon.

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