“You’re my boss, so I have to keep my mouth shut?” : new very tense exchange between Géraldine Maillet and Cyril Hanouna

Thursday March 31, 2022, Géraldine Maillet and Cyril Hanouna returned to their confrontation from the day before, on the Touche set not in my position. In front of the presenter, the columnist was annoyed.

A complicated exchange… Wednesday, March 30, 2022, Geraldine Maillet and cyril hanouna They collided violently. Angry, the host had blurted out: “Géraldine Maillet, we are tired of giving lessons! (…) You are unbearable! Stop telling people, ‘You have to do this. The French do what they want!“Tonight, on the set of don’t touch my postHe explained : “It is true that I told Geraldine what I thought. Afterwards, we both collided many times. (…) What you should know is that TPMP is a family (…) We can argue, we can say things to each other, sometimes it’s violent on air but it’s life, it’s live, there’s no editing. !” Hurt, the columnist released: Anyway, it seemed very painful to me yesterday. I found him very unpleasant, very violent, very aggressive.

Feeling attacked, Cyril Hanouna confided: “You know, when you tell me: ‘You like nazillons’, it’s also very painful to hear things like that. You can’t say that on air either! It’s painful for both!“Explaining that she was there to give her opinion, Geraldine Maillet has declared : “I didn’t tell others what to do, I give my opinion. Once again, I found you very aggressive. Honestly, I’m telling you, because you say ‘family’ and everything, but frankly, yesterday, I didn’t feel like family at all. I discovered that there was a bullying side, a bit of relentlessness, it hurt me, I didn’t understand.“In front of her, the host said:”You know, when you say to me: ‘So you like nazillons’, for me it’s a big insult. You insulted me!

Géraldine Maillet: “I found the line to be a bit red”

It is empty, the pretty brunette fallen : “I also did not value something and I prefer to tell you because I think it is very good and I thank you for giving me this freedom to express myself. ‘Moron’ also in your vocabulary, basically ‘moron’ means I don’t agree with you. But I think it’s the strength of the show that we don’t all agree!” To defend, cyril hanouna has declared : “‘Sucker’ is a valve here, we do it all the time with Bernard Montiel!To which Géraldine Maillet replied: “Anyway, I find it average, and what I didn’t like, I found the line a bit red, is the side: ‘I know how much you make.’ Basically, ‘I’m your boss, I know how much you make, so you can’t have that kind of positioning.’ I think that’s not good! What does it mean that you’re my boss, so I have to keep my mouth shut?

Then, animator has declared : “You did not understand anything! I thought you were smarter, Geraldine Maillet.“For his part, Raymond felt that it had fallen on her, but that it could have fallen on another columnist. Believing he had been ‘harassed’, Cyril Hanouna angrily blurted out: “I think you’re going too far, Geraldine. Do you know what bullying means? Do you know what Géraldine Maillet harassment is? I also feel harassed by you, I tell you!“Then the young woman launched:”Well, fire me then!“Finally, after a long discussion, the driver offered the columnist a hug. As a joke, it was while looking at the camera that he released while talking to the pretty brunette’s companion:”Daniel, I’m going to fuck your girl!After kissing, the duo said that they still love each other.

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