3 traps to avoid!

The fuel discount is finally here! This long-awaited government aid is effective from April 1 at all stations in France. However, we strongly recommend that you follow our three tips to get the most out of it. We tell you everything in this article!

Discount on fuel: the government against the rise in prices

Faced with the vertiginous increase in fuel prices, the macron government chain the measurements. Great communicative coup in the early morning of the presidential elections? Certainly. But who will complain, really? Thus, from April 1, consumers can benefit from a discount on fuel at the pump from 15 to 18 cents per liter, whatever the fuel. The prices displayed in the resort do not highlight this help, which will only be discounted when paying. However the government seems to have reconsidered this decision, as we will see below. This can be a huge savings for people who regularly take their vehicle. The measure was widely applauded, although some consider it to be little in view of the vertiginous increase in gasoline prices.

Officials don’t forget

In addition to the fuel discount that affects all citizens, the government is also trying to seduce officials. Now they can benefit from a revaluation of their fuel costs. In fact, anyone who works in the public service can be reimbursed for travel expenses. However, the reimbursement rate had not been reassessed since 2006. Fuel prices have skyrocketed in the last 18 years that mileage costs are no longer profitable for public service employees. This is what should help them ease their wallet. For private sector employees, let’s remain optimistic and expect the drop in the price of a barrel of oil to continue in the coming weeks.

Fuel Discount: the three pitfalls to avoid

Therefore, the fuel discount is in effect from April 1. No, it is not a joke! You’d better be careful though, because not all push-ups are created equal! It’s very easy to miss out on a good deal… Objeko tells you all the dangers to avoid.

Choosing the right gas station

And yes, first of all, it is very important choose your gas station! As you already know, each station offers a basic price that can vary slightly. Some are more expensive than others. Surely you have your favorite.

However, when it comes to the fuel discount, you will have to be vigilant. In fact, in order to benefit from this government aid, gas stations must first empty their tank. For the next week, therefore, some pumps will be more expensive than others, because the distributed fuel will have been delivered before the implementation of this discount.

Beware of the price displayed

You will have to pay special attention to the price displayed at the gas station! Indeed, as stated above, the fuel discount had to be deducted at the time of payment. However, now it seems that it can be displayed directly to attract customers. The truth is that it is a bit lost, and it is very difficult to know what the final price to pay at the resort will be! Therefore, the Objeko team recommends that you ask at the station if the fuel discount is indicated at the entrance or if it will be discounted at the time of payment. You never know, it could save you a lot of trouble or bad surprises later…

Do not rush to benefit from the fuel discount

Since the bond announcement Gasoline, gas stations are stormed by motorists and motorcyclists. Everyone wants to take advantage of this major drop in gas prices! However, you would do well to wait a bit, if you can. In fact, the crowd present on April 1 has caused endless queues throughout France. However, the fuel discount is valid for four. So you have plenty of time!

The other benefit is also the expected drop in fuel prices in the coming weeks. As you know, this price increase is strongly related to the war in Ukraine. HoweverEuropean governments have launched measures to lower the price of a barrel of oil. Therefore, it could be that in addition to the fuel discount, gasoline finds a more decent price in the coming days or weeks. Patience and fingers crossed!

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