a slap given to the court of Aurillac

The trial in the libel suit brought by Richard Berry’s ex-wife, Jeane Manson, following accusations of incest by the comedian’s eldest daughter, was set aside for April 14, after a tense hearing at the court in ‘Aurillac, marked by a slap, Friday April 1.

The defamation hearing in the context of an incest accusation against Richard Berry was held on April 1 in Aurillac. On February 14, 2021, in an article published by Le Monde, Coline Berry-Rojtman spoke of the sexual violence she allegedly suffered when she was a minor, in 1984 and 1985, at the home of her father, who I was then living with Jeane Manson. accused of having participated in these attacks. She was born in 1976 from the union between Richard Berry and actress Catherine Hiegel, she had filed a complaint for “rape and sexual assault on a minor”, which triggered the opening of a preliminary investigation by the Paris prosecutor’s office.

Richard Berry, 71, adamantly denies this, as does former singer Jeane Manson, who lives part of the year in Aurillac, where she sued her former stepdaughter for defamation. “It’s all fake. Unfortunately, it’s lies and I think she ended up believing it. It’s heartbreaking for a parent. I have no attraction to children. I’m deeply, frankly, desperate.”said the actor on the stand. “I did not want to file a complaint because it is my daughter. I wanted to testify to support Jeane Manson”explained, referring to a “special situation”: “we have not yet been heard” as part of the preliminary investigation opened with the Paris prosecutor’s office.

The prosecutor did not request a conviction against Le Monde, considering that the newspaper had acted in good faith and left the rest in the hands of the courts. Earlier in the morning, the defense lawyers had alleged the impossibility of prosecuting the defamation, while the facts denounced by Coline Berry-Rojtman are the subject of an investigation. But the court did not follow them. Called to the bar, Richard Berry’s daughter repeated her statements to Mundo about the sexual games that her father would have played, sometimes in the presence of Jeane Manson. she also mentioned “tongue kisses on the mouth”: “I have only known that”, she said “She lies (…). Since she was ten years old, everyone calls her the myth”, replied Jeane Manson in turn, calling the Le Monde article “So despicable, such an ugly lie.”

The end of the lengthy hearing was marked by a rare incident: Richard Berry’s current partner, Pascale Louage, got up from her seat to go and slap Coline Berry-Rojtman, according to concordant testimony collected by AFP on the spot. “Violence has no place in this place”He threw Me Karine Shebabo, Coline’s lawyer, out of the courtroom. “Insults are violence”Pascale Louage replied, supported by the actor. I Shebabo then took the address of the Aurillac police station to file a complaint. “In twenty years at the bar, I have never seen this. It is all the difficulty that victims of incest have in denouncing the facts: we have to knock on the door to silence them”, he said before leaving.

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