After Bungie, is Sony ready to buy new studios?

business news After Bungie, is Sony ready to buy new studios?

The roadmap of the technology giant Sony is becoming clearer. After the announcement of the Bungie OPA and the presentation of the new PlayStation Plus, new rumors arrive announcing Sony’s desire to continue with the acquisition of new studios. According to various sources, Sony is about to make a “very big” acquisition.

Microsoft, Sony and the race for acquisitions

The year 2022 was off to a spectacular start for the video game industry. After the announcement of the record acquisition of Activision-Blizzard-King by Microsoft, Sony responded by putting on the table the acquisition of Bungie, the parents of aura and Destination. Although these two acquisitions are not yet effective and are being closely scrutinized by various financial administrations, the two giants continue to fuel wild rumors and could soon announce the arrival of new studios under their banners. In any case, this was recently stated by Jim Ryan, the president of Sony Interactive, inside a Playstation podcast.

Our growth is based on acquisitions. We acquired five studios during 2021. We are in discussions with Bungie. And we still have things planned (…) – Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

If obviously the most publicized takeover bids continue to be the two mentioned above, it is true that Sony has not stood idly by in 2021 with the successive acquisitions of Housemarque, Bluepoint Games, Firesprite, Nixxes Software and Valkyrie Entertainment. While major player acquisitions are entirely topical, one is entitled to wonder who Sony might set its sights on. About that, the only information comes from journalist Jeff Grubbwho speculates and declares that the multimedia giant is about to make a “very big” acquisition.

After Bungie, EA or Ubisoft in the sights of Sony?

If there is a large acquisition, which studios would potentially be affected? Of course, we are still pure speculation. The names that most often come to the fore are Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. The former had already been mentioned during the Microsoft talks, and could well be at the heart of these so-called acquisitions. With licenses like fifa and Battlefieldthere is no doubt that such an acquisition would greatly influence the balance of power between Sony and its direct competitors.

For its part, Ubisoft is not left out either and has several games in its catalog with an equally important weight. With assassin’s Creed and Far away In mind, the truth is that the French study has enough to attract more than one potential buyer. Attention, we must remember once again that this information is still a mere rumor. As Jeff Grubb says, nothing is 100% certain and Sony has a habit of not showing anything on this type of movement. It will be necessary to wait for things to move, as well as more revelations to finally know if this acquisition is real and what study will or will not be involved. Meanwhile, the news from Sony revolves more around its service that will supposedly compete with Microsoft’s Game Pass: its new Playstation Plus formula.

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