Genshin Impact, the Yae Miko scandal: the developers apologize and give away 100 Prime Gems!

news council Genshin Impact, the Yae Miko scandal: the developers apologize and give away 100 Prime Gems!

A change in Yae Miko has angered the Genshin Impact community. Let’s see what it is.

While the abyss is finally available, and Ayato just arrived in version 2.6 of Genshin Impact, the latter was not necessarily the only character that everyone was talking about. One change has been heavily criticized by the Genshin Impact community and concerns Yae Miko. And in this story, we’ll all recover 100 primo-gems !

The Yae Miko fiasco

A bug fix that weakens Yae Miko

yae miko It came out in mid-February. character Electro 5 stars, it has a somewhat niche gameplay, based on the turrets it can raise. she excels at sub dpsthat is, a character that deals damage by helping your main-dps. Without being the strongest, he ranked quite well on the tier lists, at C1, meaning the second tier. However… something was wrong, according to MiHoYo.

the March 31st, a post appeared on the HoYolab forums. The developers announce that they have made a series of adjustments to the mechanics of aiming at the enemythis in order to bring a better gaming experience. Here is the series of implemented settings:

  • Adjusted enemy targeting mechanic.
  • Massive optimization of enemy selection logic on characters by adjusting targeting mechanics to address related issues.

hoyoverse specifies that this series of adjustments and optimizations follows the negative feedback received in 2.5 from the users of the character, in particular in relation to the orientation that would leave much to be desired. Until now, while it is true that the orientation is not perfect, we could understand that the mechanics that do not work/badly are corrected… or not, since some characters (Hello Yoimiya, Xinyan), always have problems until now. that should be corrected. So it’s not really the priority of HoYoverse. The only character that actually received a series of buffs in the game was Zhongli.

So after reading that, the community rushed to test and… the changes were catastrophic. You should know that at the base, the towers of yae miko It didn’t really have a specific agro system. I mean, they hit everyone a little bit, which was frustrating at times, but it had its uses.

After the change, the turrets only aimed at the closest opponent, which is a very big nerf. In fact, there is something in the game called the ICNwhich consists of having a hidden cooldown between 2 elementary reactions. It is this ICD which makes some characters like Xing Qiu very strong, as the lag between his blades during his ult is far enough apart to touch after each recharge of the ICNthus maximizing elementary reactions.

So targeting a single character was a damage nerf, because the turrets were hitting too fast and as a result all other hits were falling right in the middle. the ICN elemental reaction, there or before, was not an issue, as the turrets switched targets. But beyond that, some constellations lost interest, like C2 for example, which improves 60% range. What’s the point if the turret only hits the closest enemy anyway?

Therefore, the calculations clearly showed a net loss of damage and utility. And where the shoe squeezes is that hoyoverse announced that they were doing this to optimize the character, and that they ran the numbers to confirm that it was a positive change… which, of course, was totally untrue, and the testers pulled it out of the 2.6 closed beta.

HoYoverse backtracks and apologizes, 100 main gems up for grabs

Genshin Impact, the Yae Miko scandal: the developers apologize and give away 100 Prime Gems!

The community didn’t really understand the change and the tone quickly rose. So much so that 48 hours later, HoYoverse just announced that they were going to cancel the changes, apologizing to players. They explain that they had not considered all the combat scenarios that could be affected by this fix. Which is… untrue, since these stages had been reassembled during the beta.

On April 6, the Yae Miko related changes will be cancelled, and to apologize, MiHoYo will send 100 primo-gems to all players. Including the ones that don’t. We are not going to complain, but it would be good if the developers took into account the opinions of the players during the betas in the future, especially when the latter have made more conclusive calculations. In the meantime, good game!

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