GTA 5: the physical versions PS5 and Xbox Series find their release date

game news GTA 5: the physical versions PS5 and Xbox Series find their release date

Available from March 15 on the latest generation consoles, Grand Theft Auto V is currently only marketed in a dematerialized version. For fans of Rockstar software, collectors or those allergic to dematerialized, still a little patience: the physical version is coming very soon.

GTA V: Rockstar Goose

Almost nine years have passed since Grand Theft Auto V It delights fans of the cult and irreverent video game saga. The satirical adventures of Franklin, Michael and Trevor were born in September 2013 and directly took their place in the video game pantheon. After an edition for PC launched in 2015 and a port for PS4 and Xbox One, the Rockstar title has just landed on PS5 and Xbox Series in an elevated version for the occasion.

Available only in a dematerialized version since March 15, the game, and especially its multiplayer mode, have seen a new resurgence in popularity. Rockstar’s main occupation now is filling out and polishing GTA Online, which nowadays has colossal content and offers many, many hours of virtual highway robbery. Aware of the attractiveness of its online modality, Rockstar puts several editions of its title on sale on the latest generation consoles: a first that includes all of GTA V (single and multiplayer included) and a second that contains only said multiplayer mode.

These versions are currently offered at different prices. With a starting price of € 39.99 for the complete pack, Rockstar reduces its price for three months. The title is available for €19.99 on Xbox Series and €9.99 on PS5 until June 14. Similarly, Grand Theft Auto: Online is normally priced at €19.99, but is currently €9.99 on Xbox Series and remains free for PS5 owners for 3 months, until June 14.

Apart from these different editions, Rockstar had confirmed the upcoming marketing of a physical edition of its flagship title. Scheduled for April, this edition has just found an exact release date. Surprise, you won’t have to wait long to get this final physical version.

When there’s more, there’s more

Promised thing due thing. The latest physical edition (announced anyway) of Grand Theft Auto V will be released on April 12. This “box” edition of the PS5 and Xbox Series versions is available for pre-order starting from fnac. On the retailer’s website, the date of April 12 is clearly visible. Entitled “Reissue Edition”, this version is reportedly currently more expensive than the dematerialized version. If you want to treat yourself you will have to pay €39.99. For those who’ve bought every issue since the first release in 2013, it’s starting to do a lot. In addition, it should be noted that this edition does not contain, a priori, any type of bonus or treat. For €39.99 you get the game and its box. No more no less. As of this writing, Rockstar has yet to confirm anything. Therefore, it could potentially be modified. Unless the schedule changes, this date should be finalized soon.

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