his exit, Classrooms, Juninho… Maurice empties his bag

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In an interview with SO Foot, he talks about many topics such as his working conditions, his relationship with President Aulas and the arrival of Juninho.

His methods in OL

“We didn’t have a recruiting cell at OL, he was free to do whatever he wanted. The club trusted me. I’m not the guy who leaves his family to go on vacation for two weeks, it was work. Everything was very simple, the connection was super fast and I did not have ten interlocutors around me. At Lyon, like at Rennes, you don’t have to have 50 people, there’s only one club to manage. My perception is that there is no use being a Mexican army to watch the games, especially with what we have here today. All the players are referenced, we have data that allows us to filter as much as possible and avoid unnecessary displacement. It has happened to me from traveling and wondering what I was doing there. I don’t want that for my recruiters. The 17-year-old Ecuadorian player that we will have seen once on video, will have already been seen ten times by Manchester City, we cannot fight. »

Your relationship with Classrooms

“I have known President Aulas for a long time. I came to the club when I was 10 years old in 1984. He was not yet president at that time. We met when I turned professional. I just had a working relationship with him. He was my boss, he didn’t go to dinner or spend the afternoons at his house. We only saw each other in this professional environment. I never felt that I was his son or that he was my father. He was my boss. I owe him a lot, and I have repeated it in each of my interviews given since then. »

The arrival of Juninho

“To be honest, I knew that Juninho was designated the day he arrived. He would have preferred him to be otherwise. I’m not saying I should have been given the job, but I wish someone had talked to me about it. When you’ve been working like crazy in a club for ten years… From that moment on I think I lacked a little consideration. I would have liked someone to call me to tell me about the project, about my future relationship with Juninho. I didn’t have that. I understood that I couldn’t go any higher in Lyon. We spent eight months together with Juninho, I don’t have to blame him, it was a choice of the president, but I realized that it didn’t work out. When he called me Rennes, it was normal for him to consider it. »

His reunion with Classrooms

“The first year was very tense, I hadn’t seen him since I left. At that time, it happened in a phone call, I told him: “Listen, President, I’m leaving.” I can also understand that he didn’t like it, he could have brought it in another way. But it was during the lockdown, it was complicated… He also needs to be able to understand how I felt what happened. We ate together recently before Lyon-Rennes with Olivier Cloarec, Vincent Ponsot and Jean-Michel Aulas, but we don’t talk about that, it’s a bit of a taboo between us. I still regret leaving OL like this. »

To sum up

Stade Rennais manager Florian Maurice talks about his time at OL and the end of his adventure at Jean-Michel Aulas’s club. He mentions in particular his regret at the end of his adventure in Lyon.

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