his “Gucci” style sneakers for less than €15, there won’t be for everyone

Once again, Lidl is causing a stir with the arrival of new products. Items that cover all needs but also allow you to gain in comfort. In any case, this is what the latest arrival in the German brand’s catalog offers. A new opportunity to compete with the big brands? We give you the details of this pair of shoes that fashionistas are buying!

Lidl, a brand that diversifies!

Since its establishment in France, Lidl made sure to meet the needs of your customers Whether in the food sector or not, you will have no problem find the essentials on the brand’s shelves. In recent years, the latter has even offered items that compete with those of the big brands. This is particularly noticeable in terms of cosmetics, which are becoming more and more numerous..

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One of Lidl’s biggest successes is now in prêt-à-porter. Do you remember his pair of sneakers with the colors of the sign? these shoes were successfully soldand at the lowest price accessible. And victim of his popularity, the latter ran out of stock very quickly. A spell that could be repeated for the latest addition to the German brand. This latest product also promises great things for the brand’s customers.

A pair worthy of Gucci!

This is not the first time! While Lidl continues in its production, the brand has decided to compete with the big sports brands. For those who don’t know, Gucci and Adidas have recently embarked on the production of a new collection. High sneakers in bright and original colors. Something to make fashion enthusiasts happy. If you know and appreciate these pairs that have made this collection so popular, you won’t be disappointed to learn that Lidl has the idea to make it better!

Gucci shoe copied by Lidl
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And it is a winning bet for the German brand! Do not forget that the Hard Discounter brand has all the assets to compete with the big brands. A theory that is still confirmed today with the popularity of this pair of sneakers which is very similar to Gucci and Adidas. In style, therefore, it is the same quality you will find. However, there is a point that makes the difference with the distribution giant.

Lidl: a cheaper model!

Lidl aims to provide articles quality at low prices to its customers. A bet won since the brand offers the same pair of sneakers as Gucci but at an even crazier price! While the one from the big brand is at 12.99 euros, the German brand has decided to offer its own at 14.99 euros. A difference of 2 euros that does not favor the Hard Discounter, will you tell us?

They’re not here ! Like the Lidl sneakers that have been a real hit, this item should still please. In fact, the German brand has almost become a reference in terms of original shoes.

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