How is season 2 of this humorous “Loft Story”?

One of the first questions we usually ask an artist during an interview is to ask why they agreed to participate in the project they are being interviewed for. But when we are faced with the contestants of the second season of LOL: who laughs, comes outwhose first three episodes are available this Friday on Amazon Prime Videothe question is the other way around: are there reasons not to say yes to this show?

“There is no reason not to participate”, answers eye for an eye Alexandra Lamy. The one who won the first edition of the game returns this year, not to try not to laugh at the jokes of her classmates, but to share her experience with Philip Lacheau who still referees the program. “I really wanted to be in the room again but it would have been a bit complicated, it would have been a great challenge,” says the actress.

“They are assassins in the cast”

Alexandra Lamy thus makes way for ten familiar faces of comedy and humour: Eric and Ramzy, Melha Bedia, Gérard Darmon, Alice David, Audrey Fleurot, Camille Lellouche, Panayotis Pascot, Just Riadh and Ahmed Sylla. From the first minutes, hiding his smile will be very difficult for the cast members who will see the yellow cards pass before their eyes. “The level of laughter is perhaps lower than in the first season, but the level of humor is still quite impressive. They are killers in the cast”, says Philippe Lacheau.

Like last year, contestants have (officially) six hours to try and make their friends laugh. “It was actually hard, react eric judor. It was ten or twelve hours of filming”. As soon as they step on the studio floor, everything is done to make the participants forget about the framework of the game, like a reality show. “You get thrown on this stage, you never see the cameras, we don’t have time, there’s no daylight… It’s the loft story laugh”, compares Alice David.

When competition and benevolence collide

Before filming, some personalities practiced not laughing with some of their friends… With results that were not always convincing. So other celebrities decided to join forces, like Melha Bedia and Camille Lellouche They have known each other for fifteen years. “We made a mini-pact to escape,” says Ramzy’s sister. But will the competition end up bringing out the best in their friendship?

“First of all, it is not competitive, emphasizes Camille Lellouche. So we move forward in time. We’ve been here for hours and we have an association to defend, so the issues come later. So at the beginning the objective is not to laugh and then comes the competition and the agreements”.

The rivalry rages between the union of Eric and Ramzy, the strength of Ahmed Sylla, the surprise Audrey Fleurot and above all the wild card of Gérard Darmon (we will not tell you more). Quickly, some headliners are eliminated to the general astonishment. The referee promises surprises until the final. The final fight, like the last three episodes, can be seen from April 8.

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