In food, the rise in prices accelerates

Pasta, oil, flour, coffee, sugar, butter, eggs or poultry… All these products cost more for French consumers in March. The price of pasta jumped more than 13%, oil and flour more than 7%, and the rest of the shopping list, between 3% and 4.5%. “In March there is frank inflation. For all consumer goods, it went from 0.58% in February to 1.49% in March. In food products alone, it is, on average, 1.73%”says Emily Mayer of the IRI institute, which examines consumer purchases at supermarket and hypermarket checkouts. As a result of the commercial negotiations between manufacturers and distributors aimed at fixing the annual prices of national brand products, finalized on the 1st ofis March, therefore, begins to make itself felt. However, the effects should be even more noticeable in the coming weeks. “We expect a 3% increase in April”I love MI Mayer.

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It’s just a start. The ink was hardly dry on the signed contracts when the manufacturers were already asking for the resumption of the discussions. The war in Ukraine has amplified an already significant phenomenon of a general increase in the prices of oil, gas, cereals, oils, transport, packaging… To this is added, for France, an epizootic of avian flu of an unprecedented magnitude, which was reduced in poultry flocks. In this context, the government has announced a resilience plan, which provides, in particular, for the reopening of trade negotiations.

“The 3% on average obtained is not enough. In the face of “Putin inflation”, an immediate increase from 8% to 10% is needed to safeguard our agriculture”, declared Christiane Lambert, president of the FNSEA, during the congress of the agricultural union, on Tuesday, March 29. Everyone does their thing. The Avril group, which markets Lesieur sunflower oil, although it is supplied by French farmers, is facing the rise in the price of this oilseed, of which Ukraine markets half of the world’s volumes.

“Rise in the cost of transport”

“We obtained an increase from 9% to 10%, to take into account the increase in the prices of agricultural raw materials. But that did not take into account the inflation of the cost of energy, of transportation. We are asking for at least the same now.” explains Jean-Philippe Puig, CEO of Avril. The French poultry industry suffers from the increase in the price of cereals and the epidemic of avian flu. Chicken had already appreciated 9% in 2021. « We had a 5% increase in March. There is still 20% left to pass “says Gilles Huttepain, vice president of Anvol, the poultry meat interprofessional.

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