It’s the best time to buy a PS5 SSD!

Good news It’s the best time to buy a PS5 SSD!

With the update of its star SSD, the 980 pro, in a revised version with an integrated heatsink, Samsung enters the race for the ranking of the best SSDs compatible with the PS5. Available in 1 or 2TB, it’s on sale now on Amazon!

Samsung enters the race for the best SSD for the PS5 with its new heatsink-equipped 980 Pro

You start to know the song, the PS5 suffers from a serious but not incurable disease, that of lack of storage space.

In fact, for those who completely missed the point, the 1TB of storage promised by Sony was just window dressing. A pirouette to beautify the bride in short. Because in reality our dear and tender, once its operating system, its native applications and its updates are deducted, it leaves us only 680 GB to play with it. It’s so much and so little at the same time…

Tell a Nintendo Switch owner that they have 680GB of space left on their console, and they’ll look at you with loving eyes. See your friend again with his PS5 once he has installed Gran Turismo 7 (approximately 110 GB), GTA V (90 GB) and Horizon Forbidden West (also 90 GB), you will only see tears of despair.

The only solution, go to the checkout and get a new compatible NVMe SSD like the new generation Samsung 980 Pro equipped with a heatsink.

Buy the Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB NVMe SSD with heatsink for €159 on Amazon

Samsung 980 Pro with heatsink, a perfect SSD for PC and PS5

Is Samsung’s arrival in the SSD market with an integrated heatsink an admission of failure or a real awareness on the part of the Korean giant?

We recall that some time ago Samsung advocated the “intelligent thermal control” of its flagship model, the 980 Pro MZ-V8P1TOBW, to the detriment of the physical heatsink, considered useless on PCs as the boxes are sufficiently ventilated.

But in the meantime, the PS5 has arrived and gamers wanting to increase the storage capacity of their console, something practically mandatory after barely a year of purchased or downloaded games, have resorted to either very affordable models such as the Crucial P5 Plus (a often on sale). about €129) to which a heatsink is added manually for about ten euros, either in ready-to-use models such as the WD_Black SN850 or the FireCuda 530, leaving Samsung in the corner.

This is where a new reference that we no longer expected appeared at the end of the year, the MZ-V8P1TOCW with a heatsink (the famous heatsink) and a badge that hardly deceives “PlayStation 5 Compatible”.

A new competition that lowers prices, to our greatest happiness!

The Samsung 980 Pro NVMe SSD with heatsink in a nutshell :

  • Format : M.2 2280 NVMe
  • Ability : 1A, 2A
  • Interface : Gen 4, PCI express 4.0 x 4
  • Compatibility : PC, PS5
  • Warranty : 5 years
  • Conference : 7000 Mo/s
  • Writing : 5000 Mo/s
  • Integrated heat sink : Yes
  • Prize : From €159 to €294

Normally available at €199 for the 1TB version and €399 for the 2TB version, we currently find both models on sale on Amazon at €159 and €294, a few euros less than its new rival, the WD_Black SN850.

Buy the Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB NVMe SSD with heatsink for €159 on Amazon

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