LOSC is satisfied with a draw against the heroic Girondins

This is the end of this meeting!

Lille and Bordeaux leave tied at zero (0-0), during this matchday 30 of Ligue 1. The Girondins have improved to ten since the exclusion of Enock Kwateng (35th). LOSC remains sixth, while Bordeaux remains last.

Onana, you’re on target!

Amadou Onana frames, but Gaëtan Poussin can grab the ball.

Girl, him again!

Gaëtan Poussin intervenes in his line! It’s hot all the way!

Another flag raised!

Amadou Onana had scored again, but he was offside!

Another corner for Lille

Lille grows at the end of the match. After Renato Sanches, Domagoj Bradaric takes a corner for his team. In this new curve, Tiago Djalo sees his head spinning up.

smart girl

Hatem Ben Arfa takes care of the free kick that follows, but his left-footed shot goes over the top. Edon Zhegrova then takes a corner to his side. For his part, Gaëtan Poussin is warned.

Last change in Lille

Gabriel Gudmundsson is replaced by Domagoj Bradaric.

Ignatenko is warned

The referee cautions Danylo Ignatenko for a foul on Edon Zhegrova.

Paul Baysse enters the game!

In Bordeaux he replaces Ricardo Mangas. This is Baysse’s first match since last May.

Let’s change back in Bordeaux

A ghost will enter the game.

Poussin’s rescue!

After a Bordeaux clearance blocked by Hatem Ben Arfa, Gaëtan Poussin dodges danger!

Double change in Lille

Jonathan Bamba and Benjamin André are replaced by Hatem Ben Arfa and Renato Sanches.

Soon new changes for Lille

We are active on the bench.

Bordeaux resists

In numerical inferiority, Bordeaux maintains this tie.

Another corner for Lille

Jonathan Bamba gets a new corner for his people. From behind, Jonathan David, from afar, finishes off with his right foot, but Gaëtan Poussin stops the danger!

Lille is in fashion!

In the penalty area, Edon Zhegrova takes advantage with his left foot, but Gaëtan Poussin deflects the danger and takes a corner. Behind, Amadou Onana, in the penalty area, puts his head in, but finds Burak Yilmaz, up close, who can’t fit his head!

Bamba try!

In the penalty area, Jonathan Bamba tries a gesture with his right foot, but Gaëtan Poussin clears the danger!

Double change for Bordeaux

Yacine Adli is replaced by Gideon Mensah. Rémi Oudin replaces Javairo Dilrosun.

Yilmaz misses the frame

From a distance, Burak Yilmaz finishes off with his right foot, but the frame escapes him.

Another goal from Lille!

After this corner, Jonathan Bamba, from afar, shoots with his right foot, but does not go on goal. Behind, Tiago Djalo is in the conclusion, but he was offside again!

Another corner for Lille

Lille accelerated at the end of the match, with this corner obtained by Gabriel Gudmundsson. Just before, Edon Zhegrova, from a distance, had finished with a left foot, before being countered by Danylo Ignatenko.

Double change in Lille

Edon Zhegrova and Jonathan David replace Isaac Lihadji and Angel Gomes.

Onana goal!

Amadou Onana unblocks the situation, but was offside.

Corner for Lille

Stian Gregersen intervenes on Burak Yilmaz, who had finished with his left foot, in the penalty area, to concede the corner.

eight to two

This is the result of the shots, between Lille and Bordeaux.

Gomes seizes his opportunity

At the entrance to the penalty area, Angel Gomes wraps his shot with his right, but his ball goes over the top.

Lille confiscates the ball

Lille besiege the opposite goal, but Bordeaux’s block is in place.

The post saves the people of Bordeaux!!!

Jonathan Bamba, in the penalty area, shoots with his right foot, but his ball hits the post! Behind, Gaëtan Poussin can grab it!

No change at rest

We dated the same 21 actors.

It’s time for second period!

The kick-off was given and Bordeaux committed.

It’s half time!

After the first 45 minutes of play, Lille and Bordeaux are still tied (0-0). The Girondins are ten since the exclusion of Enock Kwateng (35th).

Lacoux is countered

After the corner, from afar, Tom Lacoux shoots with his right foot, but it is blocked by José Fonte.

New corner for Bordeaux

Léo Jardim leaves, in this corner taken by Yacine Adli, and deflects the ball to another corner.

Hwang Counters

The man from Bordeaux, in the penalty area, takes advantage with his left foot, but Tiago Djalo counteracts it and gets a corner.

Hwang walks in

For Bordeaux, Ui-Jo Hwang replaces Alberth Elis.

New yellow card issued

Benjamin André is booked after a foul on Danylo Ignatenko.

Yilmaz frames again

In the penalty area, Burak Yilmaz, eccentric on the right flank, attempts a shot or cross with his right, but Gaëtan Poussin manages to grab the ball.

We are changing the system in Bordeaux

After this red card, the Bordeaux go four behind.

The free kick that follows does nothing

Jonathan Bamba takes care of the free kick that follows, but his low ball is blocked by the wall.

The VAR confirms it

Bordeaux will finish well outnumbered.

Bordeaux will finish at ten!!!

For a second yellow card, Enock Kwateng is excluded! The man from Bordeaux stepped on Jonathan Bamba’s foot.

Bordeaux hasn’t hit yet

Lille is five shots away, compared to zero from Bordeaux.

the game resumes

The same 22 players resume the game We enter the last quarter of an hour of this first half.

Two Bordeaux men on the ground

Stian Gregersen and Ricardo Mangas remain on the ground.

Bamba picked up by the defense

Jonathan Bamba is served deep. In the penalty area, he is caught by the opposing defense.

garden watchman

On the right side, Tom Lacoux can cross into the penalty area, but Léo Jardim grabs the ball and lifts his own.

Chick comes out of her surface

Gaëtan Poussin comes out of his penalty area and releases, from behind, to relieve his team!

And three for Yilmaz…

Third offside called against Burak Yilmaz.

New yellow card issued

The referee sanctions Enock Kwateng, after his foul on Jonathan Bamba. The yellow card is out.

Yilmaz loses his temper

Second offside position called against Burak Yilmaz. The Lille resident gets angry and is warned.

Lille have their foot on the ball

Possession of the ball is in favor of Lille (55% compared to 45% for Bordeaux).

Lille Onana takes responsibility

From a distance, Amadou Onana takes advantage with his left foot, but his ball flies over.

Yilmaz is already having

The flag is raised to signal a first offside position for Burak Yilmaz in this match.

Bordeaux tries to get out

For a few minutes, Bordeaux has been on the ball and trying to get closer to the opposite goal.

Ángel Gomes asks for a corner

From afar, Ángel Gomes shoots with his right foot, but his ball flies up. He asks for a corner, but he doesn’t get it. Just before, Jonathan Bamba, in the penalty area, had finished with a right foot, before being countered by Tom Lacoux.

lilac is good

At the start of the match, Lille already took control of the ball.

It’s already hot in the Bordeaux goal!

On a free kick sent into the penalty area, Burak Yilmaz finishes with his right foot, but Gaëtan Poussin avoids the danger with his feet! Behind, closely, Amadou Onana insists, with his left foot, but his ball goes wide!

Let’s go for the first period!

The kick-off was given and Lille was committed.

Will David and Hwang play?

Since the start of this Ligue 1 season, Lille’s top scorer has been Canadian striker Jonathan David (22), who now has thirteen goals. On the Bordeaux side, there is the South Korean striker Ui-Jo Hwang (29), with already ten goals scored but also two assists distributed. Both players start on the bench.

Bordeaux wants to leave the last place

For its part, Bordeaux (four wins, ten draws, fifteen losses) is last (as a visitor) with 22 points, the eighth worst attack, tied with Lille (38 goals scored) and the worst defense (70 goals conceded). A win and the club will move up to 19th place.

Lille, fifth place in sight

In the Ligue 1 standings, Lille (twelve wins, ten draws, seven losses) is sixth (but tenth at home) with 46 points, the eighth worst attack, tied with Bordeaux (38 goals scored) and the seventh best defense (35 goals). granted). If he wins, Lille will temporarily move up to fifth place.

Rib on the bench

After strong tensions with the Bordeaux ultras, who accuse him of racism, Benoît Costil is on the bench

Bordeaux does not know how to travel

Away, Bordeaux’s last victory in Ligue 1 dates back to December 12. It was then on the lawn of Troyes (1-2). Since that date, away from their bases and in the elite, the club has played five new games for a balance of one draw and four defeats.

Bordeaux, there is an emergency

In Ligue 1, Bordeaux have not won a single game since January 23. It was then against Strasbourg (4-3). Since then, in the top flight, the club has registered two draws and five defeats, including three in their last three meetings.

Lille, serenity at home to find

At home, Lille have won just one of their last five matches. It was then on March 6, in Ligue 1, against Clermont (4-0). During this same period, in all competitions and in their lair, the club also recorded two draws and two losses.

Lille, a series to continue

In Ligue 1, Lille’s last defeat dates back to February 6. It was then against PSG (1-5). Since then, in the highest category, the club has four wins and two draws.

Repeat bis for Lille?

The last confrontation between both teams dates back to December 22. On matchday 19 of Ligue 1, Lille then prevailed over Bordeaux (2-3), with a brace by Honduran striker Alberth Elis (17th, 45th) on the one hand, against midfielder Benjamin André (33rd) , Turkish striker Burak Yilmaz (77th) and Canadian striker Jonathan David (84th) on the other.

… and in Bordeaux

Regarding the last match, a defeat against Montpellier (0-2), in Ligue 1, on March 20, David Guion, in his starting eleven, only keeps three starting players that day. They are Norwegian midfielder Stian Gregersen (26), Ukrainian midfielder Danylo Ignatenko (25) and Honduran striker Alberth Elis (26).

A 3-4-2-1 system: Poussin – Gregersen, Mangas, Medioub – Lacoux, Ignatenko, J. Onana, Kwateng – Dilrosun, Adli (c) – Elis.

Replacements: Costil (g), Mensah, Baysse, Fransergio, Sissokho, Niang, Mara, Hwang, Oudin.

Absent: Ahmedhodzic, Guilavogui, Marcelo and Pembele.

Zoom on the initial composition of Lille…

Regarding the last match, a victory against Nantes, on March 19, in Ligue 1 (0-1), Jocelyn Gourvennec makes three changes to his starting eleven. Portuguese midfielder Xeka (27), American forward Timothy Weah (22) and Canadian forward Jonathan David (22) are replaced by Turkish defender Zeki Celik (25), French forward Isaac Lihadji (19) and Turkish forward Burak Yilmaz (36).

A 4-4-1-1 system: Léo Jardim – Celik, Fonte (c), Djalo, Gudmundsson – A. Gomes, André, A. Onana, J. Bamba – Lihadji – B. Yilmaz.

Replacements: Jakubech (g), Pied, Bradaric, Renato Sanches, Zhegrova, Baleba, David, Ben Arfa.

Absent: Botman, Grbic, Weah and Xeka.

Bastien Dechepy at the whistle

At the Pierre-Mauroy stadium in Villeneuve d’Ascq, the match referee will be Bastien Dechepy.

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