Playing Elden Ring when you hate difficult games, what does it give you?

Attracted by its universe, we tried the Elden Ring game, despite our dislike for difficult games. Do we enjoy the experience?

From Software games have a reputation for being harsh on anyone who dares to play them. It is such a well-known fact that it cost us a lot to embark on the adventure elden ring, the last nugget of the study. In fact, despite our tough appearance, we are among the people who hate games that are too punitive, and that also includes bosses like Dark souls present in the four corners of the map ofelden ringamong other notable difficulties.

Nonetheless, elden ring has sold over 12 million copies to datewhich is usually achieved through much more accessible licenses such as Pokemonor animal crossing. The proposal of a collaboration with George RR Martin, but also its open world have visibly seduced many players, who have overcome their apprehension to conquer the lands ofelden Ring, as is our case. Was this effort worth it? From our side, feedback is mixed.

Although it started well

Game of the year for many, RPG too complicated for others, elden ring has a legacy that can be scary. Ultimately, it’s all the mystery that was given to the story during its promotional campaign that convinced us to try the experiment, and drop feathers in the process. But has this taste for risk been rewarded with the game? Not necessarily. Once the first cinematic is over, which transports us to the fantastic universe that they have sold us so well, we find ourselves in a gigantic terrain to explore… without knowing where to go.

We quickly understand that we must follow the light that emanates from the places of grace, even if we do not know where it will take us. So we get into the game, we look for clues and we end up “understanding” what is expected of us. Then we quickly run into the first few human enemies, defeat a few of them, finally don’t feel too bad, then take two hits and die.

It is at this moment, from the moment we first experience our life bar, that we realize that the road will be long. The same thing happens during our first encounter with a stronger enemy or a mini boss, which defeats us each time in only one or two attacks at most. In fact, we did not understand anything..

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From experienced exploration to frustration

Deux options s’imposent alors : persévérer au risque d’être frustré au bout de la dixième minute de jeu parce qu’enchaîner les morts c’est moyen drôle, ou explorer pour avoir plus de runes et s’acheter un équipement worthy of ce last name. Of course, the regulars know that only the first option is really useful, but those who are not fans of difficult games resort to scanning faster, so that’s what we did. But you still have to know how to explore well in this type of game.

After only a few minutes, the observation is obvious: it is very long. Indeed, the open world is full of gameplay possibilities, but the lack of information provided to the players slows down the pace even more. We are transported into a world not really knowing where to go or what to do and absolutely no one to help us. For example, it took several hours to unlock the horse when in reality, with the correct information, it can be done in just 10 minutes.

If we expected a difficult but interesting game, it turns out thatelden ring it is actually more noticeable in their arduous struggles than in everything around them. It is not about playing this title like any open world of any adventure game.

Isn’t that where we should go?

It is really the lack of communication that will play into the appreciation of our entire experience. Without going so far as to say that we like to be held by the hand, there is however a minimum of information that we would have liked to have had when starting the game: rest on the places of grace and not just unlock them. , not all bosses are required, etc.

So we find ourselves wandering around most of the time, always killing the same enemies we spawn in a loop to rack up the runes. At this point, and after several hours of play, either we give up -what a large majority of the casual audience has had to do- or we decide and risk our lives in each game. Despite everything, the game never leaves us with a pleasant or positive feeling, even in the event of victory, since we automatically remember everything we had to do to get there.

And it goes even further than that. Even after understanding a number of mechanics and assimilating the method to get there, we don’t enjoy playing the game anymore, as we approach each step as another task. We cannot count on the history of the game and very little on the beauty of its surroundings to make us pass the pill. elden ring Above all, it is a challenge, a way to push your limits, but at what cost?

Saved by multiplayer?

Fortunately, From Software has still found an effective way to alleviate the suffering, although it is not available to everyone: it is online gaming. Without that aspect, we don’t think we would have bothered to continue. In fact, the online mode allows you to show the places where many people died, but especially the messages left by other players.

These are very important because they often tell you about upcoming situations or places to explore. Although they are sometimes maliciously hijacked, they are often very helpful as they indicate if there is a boss right in front of you, a treasure or even sometimes an invisible wall, From Software’s famous torture element, which nowadays powers everything. the players of Dark souls. Little note for beginners, keep in mind that writing for hours on all the walls will not help you in your quest for learning.

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This collaborative aspect is also found in summons, which allow you to “call a friend” before certain boss fights. If you can access the default summons, given by the game itself with an NPC as an ally, it’s much more interesting to bring in a real player who often has much more experience than you.

For bosses, the most difficult thing is to understand that one is never in control of the situation. It just takes a little misplaced bravery to be called to order. Once you take a hit, you spend the next few seconds suffering without being able to do much about it. In addition, we have to deal with game mechanics that are quite punitive as well as realistic: the dodges are slow, the jumps are unimpressive, the heaviness of the character the more equipment we have. Without forgetting that it is necessary to control the weapon in your hand, which is not an easy task.

However, with a little practice, nothing is insurmountable. But then again, should we just beat a game instead of really enjoying it? We must admit that with a narration up to our expectations and more interaction with the world around us, frankly, it would not have been a luxury.

Ultimately Elden Ring: Make or Break?

After a rocky start, and many hours of gameplay where we were able to get familiar with the environment, the mechanics but also how this title works, we are not quite sure that this is a game suitable for all types of players. The difficulty of the title comes mainly from the fact that it is necessary to know how to organize and persevere, in addition to being precise during the fights, it requires a lot of time and investment for very few rewards in the end.

elden ring thus, it has demanding gameplay, but it lacks a consistent narrative that can really entertain its players. We would even go so far as to say that most of the fans of the game are not for its history, but more for the legacy ofelden ring since it uses the mechanics of the old From Software games. Too bad, especially when you think of the immense work upstream to make us appreciate its history.

Ultimately, we’d rather spend our time discovering more impactful narrative adventures than trying to get my hands on elden ring. But what is a “failure” for us will not necessarily be a “failure” for you or for all the other beginners. Finally, elden ring It doesn’t have any major development or accessibility challenges, but it’s not a pleasant experience for us.

In fact, being able to do something is not enough to love it. To really enjoy playing a game or doing anything else, more conditions must be met. It’s never really nice when you think about everything you’ve had to go through to get to this point. elden ring Although it has an open world, under its air of revolution, the game forces us to adopt a single way of playing: that of difficulty.

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