Public: Card for the leader of “Capitaine Marleau” against the return of “Mask Singer”, clash for F3 defeated by F5

In prime time on Friday, it is France 2 that imposes itself with a new episode “Capitaine Marleau”, his famous French series directed by Josée Dayan with Corinne Masiero in the title role, and this time in the guests Gérard Darmon and Elie Semoun. Fiction federated no less than 6.36 million viewers according to Médiamétrie, or 30.5% of people over four years old (4+). For Female Purchasing Managers Under Fifty (FRDA-50), the market share is 10.5%.
During his previous return to France 2, “Capitaine Marleau” seduced on Friday, October 23 6.29 million fans (31.4% 4+ / 14.5% FRDA-50).

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Audiences: at an all time high


Audiences: at an all time high

TF1 continues with the release of Season 3 of “Masquerade Singer”its entertainment produced by Hervé Hubert and presented by Camila Combal. The presenter and his researchers, Alessandra Sublet, Jarry, Kev Adams and Anggun, attracted 3.58 million fans, or 20.2% of the public and 38.1% of the FRDA-50, which allowed TF1 to be the broad leader in the commercial target.
For comparison, the release of “Mask Singer” season 2, on Saturday, October 17, 2020, had conquered 4.75 million viewers (24.3% 4+ / 42% FRDA-50).
On Friday, November 8, 2019, “Mask Singer” had gathered 6.60 million viewers (32.5% / 48.6% FRDA-50) for its arrival in France.

Behind, the other chains suffer. M6 continues, at the foot of the podium, with the return of “The Rookie: The cop from Los Angeles”. The first two new episodes of season 3 of the American series starring Nathan Fillion intrigued 1.43 million viewers, that is, 6.8% of the public and 11.3% of the FRDA-50.
On Saturday, September 19, 2020, the launch of Season 2 was followed by 1.62 million serial fans (8.2% 4+ / 10.0% FRDA-50). For its part, on Friday, July 5, 2019, the start of the series in France had convinced 2.80 million curious on average (16.5% 4+ / 21.9% FRDA-50).

France 3 crashes and falls behind France 5

Then we find France 5 and not France 3, with “Melo”, a French film directed by Alain Resnais, with Sabine Azéma and Fanny Ardant. The feature film in revival is essential with 674,000 viewers at the event, or an audience share of 3.2% (0.3% FRDA-50). In the past week“Diabolo Menta” had drained 933,000 viewers (4.7% 4+ / 1.5% FRDA-50).

Very weak, France 3, viewers were able to see “Creed: The Legacy of Rocky Balboa”, an American film directed by Ryan Coogler with Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone. The rebroadcast feature alone drew 626,000 viewers, for a 4+ audience share of 3.2% (3.3% FRDA-50).
Last week, the unpublished documentary directed by Mireille Dumas“The thousand and one lives of Line Renaud” interested 1.41 million music lovers (7.0% 4+ / 1.7% FRDA-50).

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