Russian forces are “rapidly withdrawing” from the north of the country, says an adviser to President Zelensky

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8:03 p.m. : “The entire kyiv region has been liberated”Announces the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine on her page Facebook.

7:33 p.m. : Almost 300 people had to be buried “in mass graves” in Bouchaaccording to the mayor of this city located not far from kyiv, interviewed by AFP. “In some streets we see 15 to 20 corpses on the ground”plus “I can’t say how many are still left in the courtyards, behind the palisades”the mayor continued. “As long as the deminers have not come to check them, it is not advisable to collect them” because they can get trapped, he also said.


6:47 p.m. : A civilian demonstration in Energodar, a city in southern Ukraine occupied by Russian forces, was dispersed by mortar fire and stun grenades that wounded four, says Lyudmyla Denisova, a human rights officer in parliament. “Part of the protesters were forced into police vans and taken to an unknown location.”

3:56 p.m. : The Russian NGO OVD-Info, a specialist in monitoring the repression of the opposition, reports at least 178 arrests in 15 different cities during sit-ins to protest the invasion of Ukraine.

3:57 p.m. : A visit of Pope Francis to Ukraine, at the invitation of Volodymyr Zelensky, is “on the table”, said the sovereign pontiff to journalists, on the plane that takes him to Malta. The Ukrainian president had invited him to mediate with Russia. The Pope did not elaborate on the chances that this planned visit will materialize.

3:22 p.m. : Former international prosecutor Carla Del Ponte has asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) to quickly issue an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom she calls a “war criminal”. If it were impossible to arrest him in Russia, such a decision would prevent him from “leave your country, and that would already be an important sign”says the lawyer.

3:19 p.m. : More than 20 people were arrested in Moscow, near the Kremlin, and at least 25 in St. Petersburg, while participating in a sit-in against the invasion of Ukraine, an AFP journalist reports on the spot. These actions, announced online, were also aimed at protesting against the imprisonment of opposition figure Alexeï Navalny and “the collapse of the Russian economy”.

4:04 p.m. : Reporters Without Borders pays tribute on Twitter to journalist Maks Levin, found dead in kyiv. “Attacking journalists is a war crime”Remember the organization.

2:20 p.m. : Three weeks we had no news of him. Max Levine, veteran Ukrainian photographer and documentarian, was found dead after the withdrawal of russian troops from the territory near kyiv. “He disappeared in the zone of hostilities on March 13 in the kyiv region. On April 1, his body was found near the village of Gouta Mezhyguirska.”a few tens of kilometers north of the capital, the head of the presidential administration Andriï Yermak announced on Telegram.

1:18 p.m. : “We thought that the invasions of other countries, the fierce urban fighting and the atomic threats were dark memories of the distant past.

Pope Francis lambasted, at the beginning of his visit to Malta, the acts of “some powerful” locked in “nationalist interests” by evoking the “icy wind of war” He came from “Eastern Europe”.

1:13 p.m. : Hello, this photo is followed by comments claiming that it is a Ukrainian lynching. It is true ?

2:22 p.m. : The Kharkiv regional hospital in northern Ukraine is forced to practice war medicine. “These are mainly head injuries from shrapnel from the bombs.explains Dr. Vadislav Kalouchka. There are also injuries to the arms, legs and spine. Most of the injured remain paraplegic. The report by Gilles Gallinaro and Etienne Monin can be read here.

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