The most beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Monday, April 4, 2022 [SPOILERS] – TV news series

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Franck is having a nightmare, a mysterious guest arrives at the Zéphyr, while everyone is busy distracting Riva.


Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers about the episode of more beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Theo is diagnosed as bipolar

The Mistralians gather to say goodbye to Coralie at her funeral. Blanche is very moved. Leaving the cemetery, Franck and his ex-wife are harassed by Eugénie, who is trying to get information about the Bommels. Celine is forced to intervene to drive him away.

After which, Céline takes stock with Franck. She first asked for a psychiatric expertise for Theo. If she makes the diagnosis of his bipolarity, her confession will be weakened. As for Delphine, Céline requested her release under judicial supervision. But if the police maintain her complicity in the murder, she risks remaining in prison. Céline reassures Franck: she intends to convince the police to dig another clue.

Franck then visits Delphine in the visiting room. He wants to make sure she hangs on. But her partner especially fears the worst for her son, convinced that she is going to commit suicide. She accuses Franck of being at the origin of the situation.

Meanwhile, Theo is having an exam with a specialist. Unable to answer her questions, the confused young man wonders why he killed Coralie.

Later, Céline hands the prosecutor the psychiatrist’s certificate confirming Théo’s bipolarity, in the presence of Jean-Paul. According to Céline, Théo’s mental health allowed hasty confessions. She also points out that the police have no proof of her guilt and that they should rather inquire about the settling of accounts of which Coralie could be a collateral victim. Revel then gives Jean-Paul the green light to carry out an operation on the Liberati gaming circle…

Bastien’s mother-in-law arrives

Sunalee continues to sympathize with Lola and also gets to know Kilian. To Scotto, she promises to accept Dimitri’s offer to go out with him on the condition that she helps Pablo become popular.

Dimitri approaches Pablo to help him find his interests so he can fit in. He also gives her tips on flirting with girls, starting with working on a mysterious and attractive attitude. He sees that he is not won, but Pablo, he feels that he grows wings. He practices in front of his mirror, surprised by Luna, who reveals that even the most confident teenagers have doubts.

At night, the Castels get together, all happy, until Charlotte, Bastien’s mother-in-law, arrives at the Zéphyr, openly despising Luna…

Gabriel is in a bad place

Thomas, Lola and Kilian have organized a rotating schedule to keep Gabriel busy and prevent him from getting depressed. After spending the entire weekend rearranging tables at Marci’s, Gabriel helps Lola with her homework. He then responds to Kilian’s invitation to play tennis.

Later, Gabriel goes on a date with Celine. She confesses to him that her file has been started badly because no one wanted to testify in her favor, not even Léa. Back home, Gabriel rejects all the distraction proposals from his family.

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