These are the symptoms of the new highly contagious coronavirus variant

A new variant, even more contagious and why not more serious: this is what the scientific community fears. Well, actually it could exist. In this article, the Objeko staff will tell you more about this famous XE variant, which scares everyone. Are you ready to know everything? Ok let’s go.

Several variants appear

After two and a half years of health crisis, the Covid epidemic seems to be coming to an end. Finally, let’s just say that more and more countries are learning to live with it. But since everyone raises their measures restriction, experts worry about the sky-high pollution figures. The particular flaw with the different variants. The first is called Deltacron and was discovered in early March in France. It results from a mix between the Delta variant and one of the Omicron subvariants (BA.1).

Sequenced and identified by the UK Health Security Agency and the Welcome Sanger Institute, XE is the combination of two Omicron strains: BA.1 and BA.2. And this is what we are going to talk about today. What we can tell you is that cases have been found in the UK and Israel. The first, specifically, dates from January 19. And since then, more than 600 sequences have been reported and confirmed.

XE, a more contagious variant?

At the moment, the XE variant, only represented only a small fraction of cases worldwide. However, early estimates indicate a community growth rate advantage of around 10% compared to BA.2. In other words, that means it could be about 43% more transmissible than the original Omicron. But all this requires further confirmation. As for the symptoms, they resemble what we are used to seeing.

As we told you before, the symptoms are identical to the other variants. In fact, people infected with CAR, had mild symptoms of fever, headache and muscle pain and did not require special medical attention. All of these recombinant variants, including the smaller groups, should be closely monitored for signs of growth and attempts should be made to isolate and characterize them if possible. Don’t worry, if we have any news, we won’t hesitate to tell you everything.

Coronavirus: a deteriorating situation?

The health situation has deteriorated in several countries due to the spread of more contagious variants. In France, this Thursday, March 31, the number of patients hospitalized for a Covid infection continued to increase, according to daily figures published by the authorities. Thus, the hospitals had 21,922 sick on Thursday, down from 21,688 the day before and 20,654 the week before. Among them, there are 1,763 new admissions, compared to 1,338 last Thursday. As for the number of intensive care patients, the number is 1,551 (including 160 admissions), compared to 1,546 the day before and 1,523 a week earlier.

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