With 18 cents less for fuel, “Germans love Mr Macron”

It is not yet 5 in the morning on this April 1st. Waiting in a gas station parking lot on the edge of a fast lane in StrasbourgFranck, who works for an industrial cleaning company, waits in a corner, the engine off. However, there is no cat at the pump. Shouldn’t fuel prices down 18 cents today ? No queues, no cars registered in Germany as in recent weeks. And for good reason, the price terminal continues to show prices well above 2 euros per liter…

Bad April Fools? When questioned, the gas station clerk pretends not to pay too much attention: “We pay him at a high price but maybe when the shift changes at 6am the prices will change. Meanwhile, Franck waits in his car. “I thought it was done since midnight. I waited until the last drop and there frankly, with the expected drop, it’s worth the wait, it’s going to pay for my lunch. “Same mole downtown on another sign. “The pumps restart at 6 am, we have to wait for the shift change,” the manager kindly replies. “Will there be an 18 cent discount? “No, 15 cents.” Not enough to bother Jacqueline, she met a little later in the morning at another station. “Below 2 euros with everything that is happening at the moment it is still good, I will finally be able to go see my children this weekend,” explains the retiree. “Don’t take us for idiots either… growls Hervé. It is that less taxes, we will end up paying it anyway, it is made for the elections. the price has increased in the last few daysthen the reduction is less visible.

Petrol station in Strasbourg on April 1, 2022. – G. Varela / 20 Minutes

Cheaper than in Germany

Ernst, a 50-year-old man from Kehl in Germany, who came especially to refuel, shows a big smile. “Today, the Germans love Mr. Macron! “He assures. David, he “doesn’t give a shit about French politics.” This resident of Kehl came to take advantage of this first day of the government system, even if he means queuing, like many of his compatriots. It must be said that the low-cost station is only a few hundred meters from the border. ” Even though fuel taxes have decreased in Germany in the last few days, still about 30 cents more expensive than here! he says. For his part, Philippe, a pensioner from Strasbourg, “is a little surprised to see the Germans benefit from this reduction from 15 to 18 cents, “financed” by the French State. Although he acknowledges that this “is only local” and that “it has been going in the opposite direction for forty years. It is usually cheaper in Germany. “Benjamin, a Franco-German, doesn’t ask questions and ‘just hopes it lasts’ because ‘it’s still too expensive. Everyone needs his car, ”says the young man.

The line lengthens. At the pumps, inscriptions on hastily pasted A4 sheets ask customers to pay before serving. “To prevent theft” they tell us. At the checkout, the gas station attendant is not idle and transacts. “The Germans easily represent 50% of customers today,” he explains. But don’t worry, the broadcaster had prepared for this first day of lower prices. “The tanks are almost full. It will be fine”, assures the person in charge of the gas station, delighted with such an influx…

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