XV of ASM Clermont: first of the season for Beria, against Brive

The last trip to Toulon, beyond a failure with zero damaging points, filled the infirmary a little more. Iturria and Barraque returned injured from Mayol and will not be able to hold their place for the derby against Brive.

beria surprise

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It is a bit the surprise of the day, the permanence of Beria on the left side of the first line. He has not started since September 6, 2020, in the first game of last season against Toulouse. He also takes advantage of Falgoux’s absence, saved by neck pain… and that more recurring Ravai being treated for a cervical hernia.

Struggling last weekend in a close scrum, Ojovan retains his place on the right alongside Fourcade. Slimani went to rest, it is Falatea (as well as Bibi Biziwu) who will be on the bench.

Amatosero revived

Lavanini (cervical pain) and Thibaud Lanen (broken toe) injured, Jono Gibbes chose to relaunch the Australian Amatosero who has only played 6 games this season and only started one, on the first day (at LOU). The young second row will start alongside Vahaamahina, with Jedrasiak once again backing up substitute status.

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Fischer good for service

Victim of an inflammation in a plantar aponeurosis, Captain Iturria is not operational. This continues to be the case for Van Tonder, who is recovering from his latest concussion.

More fear than damage for Fischer, released in Mayol at the end of the first part after a blow to the ribs, at the end without gravity. He will start against Brive alongside Lee and Cancoriet. Rested for the Toulon match, Dessaigne returns to the group on the bench.

shy refocused

Behind, the ASM will realign its hinge Parra – López (with Viallard and Hanrahan on the bench). Barraque injured (cleft plantar aponeurosis), it is Penaud who will join the center in Moala.

His last association dates back to January 16 in the Champions Cup against Sale (25-19 victory).

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O’Connor… two months later

Replacing Tiberghien, it is O’Connor who makes his return, two months after his last appearance (at Brive) and the club’s suspension in early March. The Haute-Savoie winger has not featured in the last five ASM games. Raka and Matsushima remain at their posts.

christophe buron

The ASM Clermont Group

Starting XV: Matsushima; Raka, Moala, Penaud, O’Connor; (o) Lopez, (m) Parra; Fischer, Lee, Cancoriet; Vahaamahina (cap.), Amatosero; Ojovan, Fourcade, Beria.
Replacements: Boudou, Bibi Biziwu, Jedrasiak, Dessaigne, Viallard, Hanrahan, Tiberghien, Falatea.

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