Emmanuel Macron galvanizes his troops during a gigantic meeting

The presidential candidate immanuel macron galvanized his troops Saturday at a big rally near Paris to cement his position as presidential front-runner in the face of Marine Le Pen’s rise in the polls.

More than for the first round, where he is still at the head of voting intentions, around him he is concerned that the distance with the far-right candidate will be shortened in the second round with several studies that give him 53% compared to 47%. to Marine LePen.

In a speech with a strong social tone before more than 30,000 people, he highlighted purchasing power, amputated by galloping inflation and at the center of the campaign, promising “starting this summer” the tripling of the “Macron bonus” that can go “ up to 6,000 euros, without fee or tax”.

After at least the beginning of the campaign, this is the first big meeting -and probably the only one before the first round on April 10- to “convince, mobilize” with “a project of progress, of independence, of the future for our France”. and for Europe”, he launched on the stage of the Arena de Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine), the largest indoor venue in Europe.

Education and health

It focused on two areas hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, education because “the social elevator is still too broken” and health, an area “where we have to go further”, paying tribute both to teachers, to the “artisans of the Republic” and the health personnel, who have to deal with “exhaustion”.

Emmanuel Macron retracted his promises to lower taxes and return to full employment while specifying his proposal to reform the RSA linking this aid to an “insertion” activity of 15 to 20 hours a week, highly criticized by them. adversaries, both from the left and from the extreme right.

“We will launch training, integration and reintegration activities for RSA beneficiaries” and “it is not, as some have claimed, a job of general interest, and less about wanting to cut aid to those who have been too damaged by life” .

He returned to defend raising the retirement age to 65, a promise also criticized. “Do not believe those who explain to you that they will retire at 60 or 62, (…) and that everything will be fine, it is not true,” he hammered, clearly pointing Marina LePen.

“Good luck to those who, against Russia, advocate the great withdrawal and good luck to those who, faced with the return of empires and the challenges of the times, defend the +great atrophy+”, he launched against the leitmotif of “great replacement” by Eric Zemmor.

Don’t “raise fears”

Referring on several occasions to the war in Ukraine, which marks the “return of the tragic in history”, the candidate Macron, also current president of the Council of the European Union, stressed that it was not one of those “that arouse fears”. and look for scapegoats, it is useless”.

In a more emotional register, he evoked these five years that “have been hard for all of us and for some so hard, so unfair, the most devastating in half a century.”

On the way to Marseille, the far-right candidate eric zemour For his part, he called on Republican voters whom he considers “betrayed” by LR to vote for him instead of the right-wing candidate Valérie Pécresse.

At the same level (about 8.5 to 10%) as the former debater, Valerie Pecresse (LR) does not want to “let go of anything” and is also counting on the meeting that will take place on Sunday at the Porte de Versailles in Paris, where the Les Républicains tenors will call on right-wing voters to mobilize behind her.

Calling herself “serene”, Marine Le Pen seems more determined than ever to play again, to win, the same match as in 2017, with a second round against the outgoing president.

But rebel Jean-Luc Mélenchon hopes to disrupt this game by beating her in the first round, with the latest polls giving him around 15-16% of voting intentions on April 10.

“Le Pen has the same fragility as Mr. Macron, his profound indifference to social mistreatment,” so “we are going to convince, many things will change” and “the vote is more open than many think,” he said. he testified on Saturday in Paris.

The communist candidate Fabien Roussel tried to convince him in Villeurbanne (Rhône): “Voting efficiently means voting on happy days.”

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