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Casino has announced that it is creating a new fuel operation at cost price this weekend in its stores. The brand will offer this weekend an additional discount of 15 cents to get the equivalent of 85 cents per liter of fuel. Don’t worry, the Objeko newsroom will tell you all about it. Are you ready ?

The fuel discount applied from April 1

Rising sharply since early 2022, prices at gas stations have literally skyrocketed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. To compensate for this incredible increase in fuel, the government has decided to help the French. Indeed, from this Friday On April 1, the discount at the pump promised by Emmanuel Macron to help the French refuel came into effect. A discount of 15 to 18 cents per liter of fuel.

This price action, however, does not mean that the price will be the same everywhere, far from it. Some actors add a little boost. In fact, at the behest of the government, some providers have decided to go the extra mile. For example, at Total-Energies stations, a discount of 10 cents will apply additionally. For its part, Casino renews its aggressive commercial operation in fuel prices.

An incredible operation in the Casino

As we told you before, Casino is going to pack a punch. Indeed, the cartel will apply the government discount like all stations, but it will also apply a discount of 15 cents that can be combined with its “fuel at 1 euro” operation. The store therefore renews its operations on April 1 and 2, but in proposing this time the liter of gasoline at 85 cents. For example, if you refuel 60 liters of diesel at 1.85 euros per liter (government discount of 18 cents included), you will pay 111 euros at the pump.

Casino will give you a voucher of 60 euros which corresponds to the difference between 1.85 and 0.85 euros per liter. On the other hand, you must use these vouchers buys before Sunday April 3. And yes, it is not unlimited either. In order to enjoy it, you must first go to the reception of the store where you refueled, presenting the original receipt and the bank card used as a means of payment. The use of the voucher is valid from €100 of purchases (excluding CDs, books, DVDBlu-Ray or gift card).

Other planned operations

First of all, not all stores are affected. Find information on the Casino website to know which brands take part to the operation. Also note that the brand will offer a voucher of 6 euros for the 30 liters purchased in its stores. Other fuel operations at cost price will be carried out by distributors in the coming weeks. Do not hesitate to follow our website to see the good plans.

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