In Pakistan, Imran Khan calls for early elections

It is a theatrical coup but it is not certain that the maneuver will save the Pakistani prime minister. While the deputies had to, on Sunday, April 3, examine a motion of censure presented by the opposition, aimed at overthrowing him, the vice president of the National Assembly, Qasim Suri, one of his faithful, refused to present a vote, declaring the motion unconstitutional because supported by a “foreign power”

Imran Khan knows that he has lost his majority, some of his allies and members of his own party have joined the opposition. He maintains that he is the victim of an international conspiracy, spearheaded by Americans, who want him gone.

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A few minutes later, in a speech to the nation, Imran Khan announced that he was asking the President of the Republic to dissolve the National Assembly and call early general elections. “No corrupt force will decide the future of the country. The people decide who they want in power.he said.

relegitimize at the polls

In the process, the President of the Republic, Arif Alvi, dissolved the lower house of Parliament. The Prime Minister must speed up day-to-day business until the election is held within ninety days, one year before the normal deadline. General elections were scheduled for spring 2023. The opposition will appeal to the Supreme Court. “This date will be remembered as a black day in the constitutional history of Pakistan”lamented Shahbaz Sharif, leader of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) and favorite to replace Imran Khan if the motion of censure succeeds.

Imran Khan, 69, elected in 2018, hopes to relegitimize himself at the polls. The operation is risky. Elected with the support of the military on the promise of revitalizing the pro-poor economy, creating jobs for the youth, ending endemic corruption, not resorting to foreign loans and improving the country’s image abroad, Imran Khan is failing. The country is weakened by a severe economic crisis, marked by record unemployment and inflation (over 12% this year), particularly in food and energy, a weakening rupee and crushing debt. They also accuse him of selling the country’s sovereignty to the IMF.

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The poor and the middle class are suffering like never before. Several of his ministers are involved in corruption cases and the cycle of indebtedness has not stopped. The Khan government reached an agreement with the IMF, in May 2019, on an aid program of 6,000 million dollars (5,380 million euros).

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