Josiane Balasko breaks the silence, her heartbreaking message to Coline Berry

New twist on the Richard Berry affair. Coline, daughter of the plaintiff, is in the dock, following a defamation complaint by Jeane Manson. However, she can count on the unconditional support of Josiane Balasko. The Objeko team tells you everything in this article.

Richard Berry case: back in a sordid story…

The Richard Berry affair shocked all of France. The actor was accused last January of touching sexual in minor… by his daughter, Coline Berry. It is therefore a very gloomy incest story that splashes his reputation, as well as that of Jeane Manson, his wife at the time.

Coline Berry, born in 1976, is the daughter of Richard Berry and Catherine Hiegel, a famous French actress. She doesn’t grow up with her father, whom she only sees on weekends. She is the niece of Josiane Balasko and the cousin of Marilou Berry. Coline Berry, like her parents, evolved in the world of cinema.

The serious facts that Richard Berry’s daughter mentions date back to the 1980s, when she was just a girl. According to her statements – and Objeko reminds them that the investigation is ongoing and that there is a presumption of innocence – the young woman was sexually abused by her father and her stepmother Jeane Manson. Objeko spares you the extremely sordid details of this ongoing case. The fact is that Richard Berry does not make headlines because of his acting skills, and this story is likely to tarnish his notoriety even before the trial is over.

Josiane Balasko publicly supports Coline

While Richard Berry’s daughter perseveres in her accusations, the actor denies everything. The art class is divided into the supports they provide. Some support the daughter, others the father, but most remain neutral.

This April 1, Coline Berry is found on the bench opposite Jeane Manson, her former mother-in-law. The latter, now 71, accuses him of defamation. The trial takes place at the court of Aurillac in Cantal. Jeane Manson, interviewed by BFMTV just before the trial, said: “I’d like to say to him, ‘You know very well that I never did this to you, and you know very well that your father didn’t either.’ These lies must be stopped. I can’t live with these doubts that people may have about me. I am a person of great integrity, always have been. I never had any suspicions, ever. And I think I’m smart enough to know that. If she had seen something inappropriate, she would have reported it immediately.”.

Josiane Balasco directly came to the rescue of Richard Berry’s daughter on Instagram through Marilou Berry’s account in an uncompromising message: “Dear Coline, ever since I’ve known you, I mean a very little girl of three or four years old, I’ve never heard anyone in the family nickname you ‘Coco la mito’. And besides, how could someone of his own flesh, of her family, be dressed without shame, with this derogatory and misleading nickname?”. Business to follow…

Richard Berry: A look back at his career

Richard Berry is an actor with a career absolutely exceptional. At the age of 71, she was one of the iconic figures of French cinema and theater for many decades.

Richard Berry begins to be passionate about comedy – and especially the theater – while he is still in high school. He then decided to enter the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art, where he got the first prize. He then joined the highly prestigious Comédie-Française as a resident, from 1973 to 1980. From the mid-1970s, he began to appear frequently in cinema, reaching an impressive 4-5 films per year!

In the 2000s, Richard Berry began directing, with great success. We owe him films like The (delicate) art of seduction, Yo César, 10 and a half years, 1m39, The black box or The immortal. All of his films have been critical and commercial successes.

Already quite old, Richard Berry returns to the stage with Plaidoiries by Matthieu Aron, awarded at the Globes in crystal in 2019 in the category “best work”. We also got to see him in a TV movie Damien’s Law, where he plays a lawyer. With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting France hard, the actor had to carry looking back on his career. However, in the meantime, this sordid affair has tarnished her reputation…

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