Lidl hits hard with this essential 3-in-1 cleaning device that is going to be a hit

Lidl never ceases to amaze consumers. And with this multifunction device it is once again a success expected by the king of sales. But above all a success for the customers of the German brand! In fact, it has been quite some time since Lidl launched the exclusive sale of its 3-in-1 surface cleaning device. However, not all of France could benefit from it at the same time. While since March 21, it’s official! The floor cleaner is present in all Lidl stores in the country! Objection therefore, it offers you a detailed description of this Silvercrest 3 in 1 cleaner. Because its low price and the range of its options make it an essential product for informed consumers..

Lidl knows how to meet customer expectations like no other

In fact, the discount king has a catchphrase that goes hand in hand with his reputation. readers ofObjection you certainly know him. Lidl prides itself on offering consumers “the true price of good things.” Well, judging by the success of exclusive sales of the German sign, the latter keeps its word. In addition, the wording does not hide from you that we have also been able to make this observation on several occasions. Lidl simply manages to anticipate the needs of its customers. His experience is such that the discount king knows how to position himself like no other in the supply and demand market. Because he is offering prices that defy all competition as he satisfies his customers.

In addition, you are aware that the periods of confinement due to the health crisis have changed our habits of consumption. For example, we have become particularly attentive to the cleanliness of our homes and the quality of the air in them. This is how Lidl arrived, for example, with an exceptional offer for its Vileda brand steam mop. Well, since March 21 it is a much more complete device that Lidl offers in its stores.

Get ready to discover the revolutionary capabilities of this complete cleaning device. We told you above, so you can check it, it has never been so easy to do your homework.

The 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner: vacuums, cleans and dries at the same time

This is a Silvercrest brand device. whatObjection stand out today. Suffice it to say that Lidl did very well this time. The German brand offers its customers an incredible bargain since for only 149.99 euros, you will be in possession of a vacuum broom and a cleaning broom. A device that can clean floors and other surfaces. And the icing on the cake, it will also dry after vacuuming and cleaning. With a single device, it is the promise of unparalleled efficiency. Saving valuable time and saving money. In terms of cleanliness, Lidl shows a 99.95% removal of bacteria.

In addition, Lidl guarantees that this cleaner, at an unbeatable price, is suitable for different types of floors. So you can use it effortlessly on laminate, tile or parquet. But also on short-pile rugs and therefore probably on your rugs. This little miracle of technology is made possible in particular thanks to a water spray function at the foot of this broom. In addition, you will have at your disposal two independent deposits. One for clean water and one for wastewater. This makes the device easy to fill, empty and clean.

“Take care of your interior with our cleaner Flat 3 in 1 available on Monday 03/21 in all our supermarkets. Thanks to the Hepa-13 filter, it ensures a filtration level of 99% and takes advantage of numerous accessories to clean your floors. »we can read on Lidl’s Instagram account.

So, are you going to let yourself be tempted by this tempting offer? Remember, when it comes to the best Lidl products, customers flock to it. So to enjoy the benefits of this Silvescrest 3-in-1 cleaner, don’t wait too long. As always, these are products that Lidl can afford to sell at such attractive prices because stocks are limited. We have no doubt that if you’re interested, you won’t want to wait for the next wave of promotions for this product. Admit that a Vacuum cleaner and a steam mop in a single device for only 149.99 euros, it is worth spending time studying the product.

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