LIVE – War in Ukraine: the international community horrified after the Boutcha massacre

Nearly 4.2 million Ukrainians have fled their country since the start of the war.

According to UN figures on Sunday, nearly 4.2 million Ukrainian refugees fled his country since the invasion ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24, and in the last 24 hours some 40,000 more have arrived.

The High Commissioner for Refugees counted exactly 4,176,401 Ukrainian refugees at noon on Saturday, or 38,559 more than during the previous count on Friday.

UK calls for ‘war crimes’ investigation

British Foreign Minister Liz Truss denounced on Sunday the “disgusting acts” committed by the Russian army against civilians in Ukraine, in particular in Irpin and Boucha in the kyiv regioncalling for a “war crimes investigation”.

“As Russian troops are forced to withdraw, we see growing evidence of the heinous acts committed by the invading forces in cities like Irpin and Boutcha,” Liz Truss said in a statement.

These “indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians” should be the subject of a “war crimes investigation,” he added.

Eleven mayors and local leaders ‘kidnapped’ by Russians, says Ukraine

Eleven mayors and heads of local administrations in Ukraine remain in captivity after being kidnapped by Russian troops, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk announced on Sunday.

“To this day, eleven heads of local communities from the Kyiv, Kherson, Kharkiv, Zaporozhye, Mykolaiv and Donetsk regions are in captivity,” he said in a video message posted on his Telegram account, adding that he informed the International Committee of the Red. Cross (ICRC) and the United Nations.

Iryna Vereshchuk also announced that the head of the village of Motyzhin, west of kyiv, “was killed in captivity” by Russian troops.

Ukraine denounces a “deliberate massacre” as corpses litter the streets of Boutcha

So what bodies were discovered in the streets on Saturday from Boutcha, about thirty kilometers north of kyiv, Ukraine denounces a “deliberate massacre” by russian forces.

“The Boutcha massacre was deliberate. The Russians want to eliminate as many Ukrainians as they can. We must stop them and kick them out. I demand devastating new G7 sanctions NOW,” Dmytro Kouleba wrote on Twitter.

russian forces have withdrawn from this region since, according to the Ukrainian authorities.

Charles Michel denounces the “atrocities” of the Russian army and calls for more sanctions

The president of the European Council, the Belgian Charles Michel, denounced this Sunday the “atrocities” committed by the Russian army. He also calls for more sanctions against Moscow in light of the attacks carried out since February 24 in Ukraine.

“Shocked by the disturbing images of the atrocities committed by the Russian army in the liberated region of kyiv”, he wrote this Sunday on Twitter, mentioning the hashtag “#BuchaMassacre”, which bears the name of the Ukrainian town seized from the Russians, where nearly 300 people were buried in mass graves.

“The EU is helping Ukraine and NGOs to gather the necessary evidence for proceedings before international courts,” said the President of the European Council.

Russia says it has destroyed a refinery and fuel depots in Odessa

The Russian Defense Ministry claims that the army destroyed a refinery and fuel depots this Sunday morning, during the series of strikes in Odessain the southwest of the country.

“This morning, high-precision sea and land-based missiles destroyed a refinery and three fuel and lubricant storage sites near the city of Odessa,” Moscow said in its daily update.

According to the Ministry of Defense, these sites provided fuel to the Ukrainian forces in the direction of the Mykolayiv cityfurther east.

Russian negotiator praises kyiv’s ‘more realistic’ approach to neutral status

Russia’s chief negotiator in the Ukraine peace talks, Vladimir Medinsky, on Sunday praised Ukraine’s “more realistic” stance, as kyiv is conditionally ready to accept the country neutral status that Moscow has been demanding since the beginning of the crisis.

“The Ukrainian side has taken a more realistic approach to issues related to the neutral and nuclear-free status of Ukraine,” Vladimir Medinsky wrote in a Telegram message.

However, he clarified that an appropriate draft agreement is not yet ready to be presented to the presidents of the two countries.

Ukraine’s chief negotiator David Arakhamia said on Saturday that Moscow had “orally” accepted all the proposals Ukrainians, “except as regards the Crimean question”.

The attacks in Odessa caused no casualties, the Ukrainian army announces.

The series of strikes which hit the city of Odessa, in the south-west of the country, on Sunday morning, caused no fatalities, according to the Ukrainian army.

It was a rocket attack, a Southern Regional Command officer, Vladislav Nazarov, said in a statement.

“The Odessa region is among the priority targets of the enemy. The enemy continues its stealthy practice of attacking sensitive infrastructure,” he said, reiterating a ban on any publication on the location or damage of the attacks.

Greek foreign minister provides “humanitarian aid” to Odessa

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias will visit Odessa, the main Ukrainian port on the Black Sea, on Sunday. bombed in the morning by Russian forces, his ministry said.

“The minister will arrive in Odessa very soon. He is carrying humanitarian aid, which will be delivered to the city authorities,” and he intends to discuss with them “the creation of a permanent mechanism for the distribution of humanitarian aid.”

Nikos Dendias will also meet with members of the Greek community in this southwestern Ukrainian city and intends to reopen the Greek consulate there.

Poland accuses France and Germany of being too favorable to Moscow

Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, considered the strongman of power in Warsaw, accused France and Germany too close with Russia in the context of the war in Ukraine.

“Germany, like France, has a strong bias in favor of Moscow,” he criticized in an interview published this Sunday by the German newspaper Die Welt.

It was Berlin in particular that Jaroslaw Kaczynski pointed the finger at, accusing it, among other things, of not delivering enough weapons to Ukraine and of reject an oil embargo from Russia.

“For years the German government did not want to see what Russia was doing under Putin’s leadership and today we see the result,” he said.

Update on the situation at 8:30 am

Explosions heard in Odessa this Sunday morning. the explosions occurred around 6 am in this strategic city in the southwest of the country. In a message on Telegram, a Ukrainian government adviser speaks of attacks “from the air” followed by “fires”. According to him, “some of the missiles were shot down by air defense.”

· The UN is trying to obtain a “humanitarian ceasefire”. The UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs will travel to Moscow on Sunday and then to kyiv, with the aim of ending the fighting in Ukraine.

kyiv was “liberated” by Russian forces, the Ukrainian government announced on Saturday. authorities have found a “rapid withdrawal” of the Russians in the capital region, in the north, but they warn of their intention to “establish themselves” in the south and east of the country.

· Nearly 300 people had to be buried “in mass graves” in Boutcha. This city in the northeast of the country, in the kyiv region, was the scene of fierce battles and has just been taken over by Ukrainian soldiers. The bodies could not be buried in the city’s cemeteries, under penalty of being exposed to Russian fire, the mayor, Anatoly Fedorouk, reported on Saturday.

A senior UN official will try to obtain a “humanitarian ceasefire”

A senior UN official will try this Sunday in Moscow to secure a “humanitarian ceasefire” in Ukraine, where possible abuses against civilians have been reported in the devastated kyiv region and taken from the Russians by the Ukrainians.

UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths will travel to Moscow on Sunday and then to kyiv, United Nations chief Antonio Guterres announced on Friday.

According to the latter, the UN “does not give up the prospect of stopping the fighting” in Ukraine.

A series of explosions were heard in Odessa this Sunday morning

A series of explosions were heard this Sunday morning in Odessa, main port of Ukrainein the Black Sea, in the southwest of the country, said an AFP journalist.

the explosions, which occurred around 6 a.m. morning, they were accompanied by at least three plumes of black smoke and visible flames, apparently in an industrial area.

“Odessa was attacked from the air. Fires were reported in some areas. Part of the missiles were shot down by air defense. It is recommended to close the windows,” Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister, wrote on his Telegram account.

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Welcome to this direct dedicated to the thirty-ninth day of the war in Ukraine.

On Saturday, the Ukrainian authorities announced that the entire kyiv region, the capital, had been “liberated” following the “rapid withdrawal” of Russian forces in the north of the country. However, the latter concentrate their military efforts in the south and east of the country.

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