OL wins in a crazy match thanks to its new recruit Tetê

It’s over, OL wins!

Éric Wattellier puts an end to this meeting. OL beat Angers (3-2) thanks to a magnificent goal from their new signing Tetê. In qualifying, Peter Bosz’s men moved up to ninth place, two points behind Monaco in sixth.

Last change for Angers

The Angevins make one last change in added time. Bamba enters the game in place of SCO Perreira Lage’s first scorer.

Doumbia collects a yellow card

Souleyman Doumbia receives a yellow card after a late foul on Tetê.

Two minutes of extra time

There will be two minutes of extra time in this penultimate match of matchday 30 of Ligue 1.

First yellow card of the match for Henrique

The Lyon full-back who came into play earlier in the match, Henrique, receives a yellow card for an anti-game foul.

New changes for Angers

Once again, Gérald Baticle makes two changes. Sofiane Boufal and Stéphane Bahoken give way to Casimir Ninga and Marin Jakolis.

Good save from Lopes

The Angers OCS did not give up. Bahoken is in the penalty area and makes a good sequence but Anthony Lopes is attentive.

Tete score!

Is incredible! He just got into the game and is off to an exceptional start with his new team. Tetê perfectly spreads his foot on an excellent Gusto serve to fool Mandrea.

What a hat-trick opportunity for Dembélé

Moussa Dembélé was very close to the hat-trick in this corner at the far post. The French striker controls and connects but his attempt escapes the frame.

Tete enters the game

The newcomer to OL Tetê makes his debut, the Brazilian from Chaktior Donetsk, replacing Ndombélé.

Good intervention from Mandrea

In a deep ball from Paquetá to Dembélé, the OL striker controls but cannot continue because the SCO goalkeeper makes a very good start.

Changes for Angers

It’s Gérald Baticle’s turn to make changes. Mohamed Ali Cho replaces Fulgini while Ounahi replaces Capelle.

legs get heavy

Going early into the final quarter of an hour of this match, some Lyon players appear to be in physical pain. Bad Taste, author of a great performance, finds it difficult to make the effort.

Double change from OL’s side

Peter Bosz makes two changes. Emerson and Boateng give way to Tino Kadewere and Henrique. Thiago Mendes will go down in central defense.

Nice save from Mandrea

In the corner that follows, Dembélé returns through the center towards Boateng who comes forward but Mandrea flies away and repels the danger.

Faivre sees his shot deflected

After a good overflow from Houssem Aouar, Romain Faivre takes out his teammate’s cross but Ebosse deflects the ball for a corner.

Gusto seizes his chance again from afar

It’s a carbon copy of what happened in the first half. The young Lyon winger takes advantage of a corner kick cleared by the Angers defense and takes advantage with a half volley and as in the first half his shot goes over Mandrea’s goals.

From the world to warming

On the Lyonnais side, many players left for the warm-up, including the Brazilian, a newcomer to OL in recent days, Tetê.

What a goal from Boufal

Brilliant sequence of the Moroccan international Sofiane Boufal who, in a center by Mangani, allows herself to control and adjust Anthony Lopes. What a start to the second half.

Excellent stop from Mandrea

After a good combination between Romain Faivre and Thiago Mendes, the former Brestois opens his foot but the Angevin goalkeeper jumps and saves his field.

moments of madness

Since the return of the locker room the game has gone completely crazy and the two teams go blow by blow.

Lyon is already in front again!

Within seconds of Angers’ equalizer, Lyonnais went ahead again thanks to a superb combination between Dembélé and Paquetá who enjoyed a superb backheel on the decisive pass. Moussa Dembélé scores twice.

Perreira Lage equalizes

Continuing their good form at the end of the first half, the Angevins came back with the same intentions and equalized after a defensive error by Lyon. The scorer is Perreira Lage.

The songs of the Lyon ultras are heard

After a first half without encouragement from the ultras, the latter have been making noise since the beginning of the second half.

Gérald Baticle received a yellow card

The Angers coach reversed Éric Wattellier’s decision not to take a penalty just before half-time for his team. He picked up a yellow card before going back to the locker room.

Start of the second period

Return to the Groupama Stadium between OL and Angers. Both teams returned to the field of play. At the moment the Lyonnais are in the lead thanks to a goal from Moussa Dembélé.

End of the first period

The first period between OL and Angers is over. The Lyonese take the lead quite logically in this first act thanks to a goal from Moussa Dembélé. But the Gones are still not safe.

The people of Lyon are in trouble

This end of the first period is very difficult for OL. They lose more balls and are pressured by their opponents.

More than conflictive situation in the Lyon area

Sofiane Boufal was going to hit but Bad Taste seems to have hooked him. Gérald Baticle asks for the penalty but the referee doesn’t flinch.

Five minutes to the end of the first half

There are only five minutes left in the first act of this penultimate match of matchday 30 in Ligue 1. The Lyonnais take the lead thanks to a goal from Moussa Dembélé.

Awesome sequence on the OL side

While the Lyonnais calmly dominated this game, Peter Bosz’s men fell into a strange indifference for two minutes with a succession of lost balls. The Angevins were unable to take advantage of it.

The post of Angers

The heat stroke on the Lopes cages! While the Angevins were silent from the start of the match, Perreira Lage came close to surprising the Lyonnais. In an express counter directed by Boufal, the Moroccan serves the piston of the SCO that takes over the center when he tackles but his ball ends up on the post.

Ndombélé marries Boufal

Tanguy Ndombélé has been on his feet since the start of the match. He has just shown it again by really making Sofiane Boufal dizzy with devastating little touches on the ball.

It’s hard for Angers

As the first half hour of play has just ended at Groupama Stadium, the led Angevins continue to suffer greatly and struggle to keep the ball.

Aouar’s shot escapes the frame

After another great comeback from Lyonnais, Houssem Aouar seized his chance on the right flank, but his attempt largely ran away from the Angevin frame.

Dembélé unlocks the situation

In a superb pass in the interval from Ndombélé, Moussa Dembélé connects perfectly and tricks Mandréa. OL logically opened the scoring.

Gusto surprise blow

After a fist run from the corner by Mandrea, Gusto, who was in the rain, seized the opportunity from 30m but barely found the frame.

Ndombélé is down

After an aerial duel between Ndombélé and Bahoken, the former suffers in the back. The former Tottenham midfielder is finally on his feet.

Ndombélé unscrews

Served at the far post by Emerson, Tanguy Ndombélé takes advantage with a half volley but is completely torn. An offside position was called after the fact.

Thiago Mendes tries his chance on the loin

The former Lille midfielder worries the Angers defense for the first time after a long shot deflected by the SCO rearguard.

Many errors

After fifteen minutes of play, Éric Wattellier is widely called and must intervene. It’s a pretty hectic start to the match.

emerson suffers

OL’s Italian winger Emerson struggled to get up after an inadvertent sole from Pierrick Capelle.

Boufal’s balloon is too long

First percussion attempt of the Angevins in this match. Sofiane Boufal recovers from 30 meters and tries to throw Stéphane Bahoken deep but Anthony Lopes makes a good start.

Good start to the OL game

Les Gones are very enterprising at the start of the match and put pressure on Mandrea’s cages. The Angevins leave the balls for the moment and the Lyonnais try to take advantage of it.

Good progress from Emerson

Great breakthrough for Lyon’s Emerson, who maybe gets too angry and ends up losing the ball.

Claudio Caçapa replaces Bosz

Following the red card received in the previous match, Peter Bosz headed to the stands while Claudi Caçapa took his place in the OL technical area.

Large Fulgini sole

The former Valenciennes player arrives late at Thiago Mendes and grazes the sole on the ankle of the Brazilian midfielder. Simple verbal warning for Angevins.

First big duels

At the start of the match, Lyonnais and Angevins engaged in great duels in midfield.

Groupama stadium far from full

Many empty seats are visible in the stands of Groupama Stadium which may sound empty this afternoon. Especially since the ultras of Lyon, unhappy with the situation of the club, will give encouragement during the first half.

Let’s go to Groupama Stadium!

Éric Wattellier takes the whistle to his mouth and launches this penultimate match of matchday 30 of Ligue 1 between OL and Angers.

The Angevin eleven without surprise

Mandrea is back in goal, while the attack will be led by Fulgini, Boufal and Bahoken.

The composition of Angers

Mandréa – Doumbia, Troaré, Ebosse, Pereira Lage, Mendy – Capelle, Mangini, Fulgini, Boufal – Bahoken.

The composition of OL, with the return of Boateng in defense

Thiago Mendes slides alongside Ndombele, as Aouar numerically replaces Karl Toko Ekambi.

The composition of the OL

Lopes – Gusto, Boateng, Lukeba, Emerson – Mendes, Ndombele – Faivre, Paqueta, Aouar – Dembélé

Operation revenge for Lyon

Swept away at Raymond-Kopa in August (3-0), Lyonnais will want to catch up in front of their home crowd, while Gérald Baticle would like to make a splash in a stadium he knows all too well.

Toko Ekambi and Caqueret absent, first for Tetê

OL guard Maxence Caqueret will be out for four weeks after undergoing knee surgery. Sick, Karl Toko Ekambi is not part of the group, unlike the new recruit Tetê. The former Shakhtar player is expected to start on the bench.

Good morning to all

Welcome to this direct to follow the matchday 31 match between Lyon (10) and Angers (14). Kick-off will be at 5:05 p.m. at the Groupama Stadium.

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