Photo quality on Samsung smartphones goes one step further

news hardware Photo quality on Samsung smartphones goes one step further

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is Samsung’s most premium smartphone for 2022. Beyond its raw computing power, this phone primarily stands out in one aspect: photography. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the Korean giant is taking a step forward.

Behind the photos of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The computing power of the most advanced smartphone models, such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, makes particularly advanced use of AI possible. On your most prestigious phones, Samsung uses around 60 different artificial intelligences to improve the final rendering. It’s huge, but that’s where the revolution will take place.

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When we talk about AI 60, understand that we are talking aboutalgorithms. The purpose of these algorithms is to assimilate a large set of data and make decisions in an instant based on the received data. Everything is managed by a neural processing unit (a special chip), called an NPU.

AIs study a large number of images and learn. Thanks to this learning, they are able to perform feats that only certain sensors could achieve in the past. Thanks to AI, the S22 Ultra offers excellent night photos, an impressive 100x digital zoom, a highly accurate portrait mode… and much more.

Nowadays, everyone takes photos with their smartphone. The average user will use Automatic mode and be entitled to the simplest and most general public experience possible. Simply switch to Pro mode and another world opens up before us.

Will AI reach professional quality in Samsung smartphones?

A little technical reminder. Professional photographers work with RAW files. These files are not images, but rather a summary of raw information. This information allows greater amplitude in the modifications once translated by retouching software.

According to Joshua Sungdae Cho, visual software research and development manager at Samsung’s MX Business interviewed by our ZDNet colleagues, the S22 Ultra may come out of 16 bit RAW files. That’s what a DSLR camera can do. Of course, a phone still can’t compete with a multi-million dollar camera with much larger sensors. However, we began to get dangerously close.

With a very high-end smartphone, professionals already have access in their pocket to a tool with 4 different lenses, a tool capable of delivering incredible image quality in almost any condition imaginable, a tool capable of producing and even working with RAW files thanks to certain applications.

Considering what the Galaxy S22 already offers, the future of digital photography on our phones looks really exciting.

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