The series “In therapy”, love, Brittany… Jacques Weber confesses – France

“I’m not in therapy,” says your character in front of his psychiatrist. What is this role, Alain’s?

There is a curious interference between the precise and identified character -he has the profession of executive director, a story, a drama to tell-, but also everything else: me, the text, Emmanuelle Bercot who directs… And all this creates a kind of of individual that is the character. A role, it would be dangerous to identify it too much.

You had seen the first season. What do you think about that?

That the series describes the human being well in all that is paradoxical. We are all banal, rich, original, simple…. And that in the most absolute immobility, we have a great action movie. We do not know what life is going to give as a twist, it is a diabolical and human suspense. Let us thank Nakache and Toledano for having adapted this series, and Emmanuelle Bercot or Agnès Jaoui for having filmed it.

As Alain, we can imagine you ranting enough. It is true ?

He necessarily looks like me because I’m the one who plays him. But make no mistake, it’s still a role. It always bothers me when people reproach Bacri for doing Bacri: great actors, it’s what we’ve been looking for above all because of what they are. Except to do a songwriting role, like Marion Cotillard for Edith Piaf or Gary Oldman for Churchill. I would also love to do a real composition.

Excess, excess, impatience are words that speak to you. You even refused, young man, to enter the French Academy…

It’s true (laughs). But if you knew me, you would also see how shy and introverted I am, and that’s probably why I get angry. I have friends from the Conservatory whom I dare not call, like Gérard Depardieu: he is a genius, which is not my case! I would love to be more uninhibited, more comfortable. But I’m more of a big labrador, tending to have an affectionate dog. Also, as soon as I see a beach, I jump into the sea!

Jacques Weber (Alain) and Frédéric Pierrot (Philippe Dayan). (Image Les films du Poisson)

Alain is very close to his wife and this is, I think, also your case…

I don’t like to talk about my private life, but I had the incredible opportunity to meet the woman of my life, Christine, in Brittany. Otherwise, she would have definitely ended up in the gutter, just like Charles Bukowski! I also have the opportunity to love my wonderful children (she has three children, including actor Stanley Weber, editor’s note). If all men had this opportunity, the world would be better. I saw, a few days ago, a report on femicides that made me want to vomit and it is one of the great things of our time to be able to talk about these issues today. I am very very feminist! You see, I’m getting carried away! (Laughter).

You got married in Brittany. Why ? Is it a region you like?

You are well informed! Yes, Brittany, it was immediately a real lightning bolt. After Côtes-d’Armor, I now go to Finistère-Sud a lot, as close as possible to the Pointe de la Torche, where sometimes you feel like you’re on the moon. I got married in Bénodet (29) and it was great, even if it’s a banality to say it, right? When I’m there, I jump into the cold water at around 6:30 in the morning, and at night, around 8 at night, I swim again. Between the two nobody sees me, I walk or read a book. I don’t have a home there, I don’t have a home anywhere else, but Brittany, I like to go there.

PHOTO FRANCOIS DESTOC / LE TELEGRAMME BENODET (29) Transat AG2R Concarneau Saint Barthélémy Baptism of the Nivéa boat by Jean Galfione and Gilles Favennec by actor Jacques Weber in the port of Saint m
Jacques Weber in 2008 in Bénodet (Photo François Destoc)

Unlike your character, you never look out of breath, even though you mentioned health issues.

Yes, I had health problems (confident cancer, in 2019, editor’s note) and that’s part of life. I don’t see why you have to hide death and its danger. What scares the most is ignorance. When you know the storm isn’t mysterious gods awakening, it’s less scary. I’ve had a lot of shit, and lucky to get out of it, thanks to some amazing doctors and I wish people would realize how lucky we are… People who vote for the extremes got it!

Yes, it is impossible to leave you without mentioning your political commitment. He has called to support Jean-Luc Mélenchon for years…

Yes, I support France Insoumise and François Ruffin. Mélenchon, I like the man but sometimes he scares me, now that I know him better. But I am deeply concerned. The danger is imminent, like when you expected Hillary Clinton to come to power and woke up to Trump. I am very scared and we run the risk of getting a very bad surprise. The great tragedy of democracy is that it breeds monsters, it is terrible. I hope that after the first round, a big rally will start to fight the wingers.

* “In therapy” every Thursday, from April 7 to May 19, at 8:55 p.m., in Arte.

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