This essential USB-C hub saves Macbook M1 and iPad Pro users!

Good news This essential USB-C hub saves Macbook M1 and iPad Pro users!

MacBook Pro and Air users know this all too well: miniaturization makes it possible to make very powerful and slim laptops, but this often comes at the expense of available ports. This adapter extends the connectivity of these ultraportables, thereby saving the lives of many users. That’s good, it’s currently going from €29 to €25 on Amazon.

UGREEN USB-C Hub: A Must-Have for Apple Users

Therefore, this practically essential accessory is not too expensive, and is even offered at a reduced price at the moment on Amazon.

Buy the UGREEN USB-C Hub at €25 on Amazon

The interest of this dock is that it is connected by flexible cable, and therefore extends the life of its connectors, but above all, from the USB-C connector of your laptop.

In fact, some adapters offer different connectors and attach directly to your Mac, risking warping at the slightest false move. There, do not worry in case of twisting..

This adapter offers 6 very important ports for your computer or tablet:

  • 1 HDMI port
  • 3 USB 3.0 ports
  • 1x SD card reader
  • 1 Micro SD card reader

They are ports that are still essential in 2022. The HDMI port is very convenient to enjoy viewing your MacBook on a PC screen. Therefore, you can control your Mac on two separate screens, which can make you more comfortable and productive.

Having lots of USB ports is also very handy, whether you have external hard drives, USB ports, or just peripherals.. Many accessories still work on USB 3.0 and few users are satisfied with the native USB-C port on their device.

A superior USB-C adapter to turn your tablets into workstations

This adapter has other advantages. It works without any drivers and, above all, it is compatible with many ecosystems: Windows (from Windows XP to Windows 11), Mac OS, iOS, Android and Linux.. Yes, you read that right, you can even use it with your iPad Pro.

Many users use their premium tablet as a professional work environment. We can only give you too much advice to get these types of adapters that give any tablet the connection of a real PC.

In addition, the transfer speed is also very good, with 5 Gbps USB throughput. Supported SD cards can be up to 2TB. If you need more ports, the brand offers all kinds of connectors on the merchant’s site.

In short, it is an almost obligatory purchase for those who only have a USB-C port on their device, currently on sale on Amazon.

Buy the UGREEN USB-C Hub at €25 on Amazon

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