What else have we done to God: who are the actors in a relationship with in real life?

While TF1 is going to re-broadcast tonight What Have We Done to God, with whom do the actors in the film share their lives?

This Sunday, April 3, TF1 is broadcast What else have we done to God?. The opportunity to find Chantal Lauby and Christian Clavier in the role of Marie and Charles Verneuil in the second part of the saga. But if they share their lives in the feature film, what happens in real life? Three years after breaking up with Marie-Anne Chazel, Christian Clavier rebuilds his life with Isabelle de Araujo. The actor and the make-up artist meet on the set of the film the antidote. Chantal Laby meanwhile, he has a more complicated love life. If you had your daughter Jennifer with Jean-Pierre Ayache, The actress has always remained very discreet about her personal life.

Inside What else have we done to God?, other key players have an important role. For a start Ary Abittan, who, before the scandal that splashed hershared his life with Sarah-Line AttlanThey met three years earlier. Frédérique Bel confided in her private life in January 2020: “My private life is not very interesting. I lived a very beautiful story for seventeen years with a man”she had explained, thus revealing that she was still single. For Julia Piaton, it is rather her role as a mother that she offers her fans. In fact, the actress is the mother of a little boy, named Abel, born in 2017. On Instagram, she sometimes shares images of a dark-haired man, very close to her son.

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As to Elodie Fontan shares her life with actor Philippe Lacheauwith whom he had a son, named Raphaël, who was born in December 2019. The actor had also confided in his partner: “Several times he tells me to cut, in fact, because I tend to think, write, work all the time… I work a lot and he is right to say at one point ‘he must cut, he must take advantage’ of something else, of life, of all that’. She is right”, trusted the program En aparté. For Medi Sadoun, Frédéric Chau, Noom Diawara or even Emilie Caen, no recent information has been published.

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