What will the battles with Nolwenn’s team be like?

“It’s a new rule that we discovered live with you. That is a hazing”, laughs Nikos Aliagas, while the public around the set tries to understand what is happening. This Wednesday in January, a moment of hesitation and uncertainty runs through the filming of the battles of season 11 of The voice.

It is about putting in a box the two battles of Nolwenn Leroy’s team, the “secret” coach who scrutinized the blind auditions to fish for four candidates on which amel foldedFlorent Pagny, Vianney and marc lavoin he didn’t back down. We have seen it in recent weeks, it has given a second chance to Jean Palau, Loris, Léo and Kilian.

“We lied to you Nikos, in fact we understood everything! »

“We agree, is it independent of battles? Marc Lavoine asks. The presenter calls the artistic producer to the rescue: “Pascal [Guix], talks! The latter explains, with the greatest possible pedagogy: “Nolwenn composed two battles. The talent she designates as the winner of each battle joins one of your four teams. She is in addition to the talents you have already selected for cross-battles and does not replace a talent that has been “stolen”. You can have one talent from Nolwenn’s team join your team for cross-battle, but not both. »

“We lied to you Nikos, in fact we understood everything! “Amel Bent jokes shortly after this statement. The mechanics may seem a bit confusing explained like this, but it will be very clear in the episode that will air this Saturday night on TF1. Telecrochet fans will discover the first of two battles organized by Nolwenn.

The four regular coaches found out about the latter’s role after the blind auditions ended in late December. And they only discovered the selected candidates when they saw them arrive on set, at the last moment. Sitting in the middle of the audience, we watch the reactions… Seeing one of the fish outside, Marc Lavoine raises a fist of satisfaction. “It was our odds, we had thought of you,” says Vianney. And Amel to commit: “They were waiting for you. »

“Seriously, we had missed these meetings”

We will be attentive to reveal the configuration of the two battles, but what we can say is that Jean Palau, Loris, Léo and Kilian have arguments to defend. “We had a good harmonious time. They made it clear to us that we had passed them by,” admits Florence Pagny after one of the duels. “We really miss these meetings,” acknowledges Marc Lavoine. “If we relived the blind auditions, in this performance, I would have turned around,” says Amel Bent.

Nolwenn takes on her mission brilliantly. During each battle, she is perfectly attentive. Highlighting a winner is heartbreaking for her, can you imagine her saying otherwise? – And when she has made her choice, she will speak at length with the rejected talent. The secret trainer is a trainer like the others…

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