At the Orleans hospital, the emergency room is breaking down.

never seen. At Orleans Regional Hospital Center, nearly all of the emergency caregivers have been on sick leave for nearly a week. The hospital, which launched its white plan on Tuesday, March 29, only maintains activity with the use of nurses and caregivers from other departments and the replacement pool. This was reduced after a call to the population to request the service only in case of emergencies. « vital ».

Selon le décompte du syndicat SUD-Santé-sociaux communiqué le 3 avril, 79 des 80 infirmières des urgences et 35 des 45 aides-soignantes sont arrêtées – y compris les quatre cadres de santé –, soit 90% of ces personnels paramédicaux des urgences, on account of “the state of exhaustion and malaise” which has dominated for months, according to union representatives.

How did we get to this situation? the journey “catastrophe” on Monday March 28 was the ” water drop “, to use the words of the caregivers. In one of the emergency services, a caregiver found one of his deceased patients on a stretcher. The death of this old woman was “provided”we explain in the medical lines, but the conditions in which it intervenes upset a service already on the verge of explosion. “This is not the first, nor will it be the last death in the emergency room, we know that we are facing deathrecalls Marine (first name has been changed), a nurse present that day, who wishes to remain anonymous. But there are deaths that shock more than others, and there, the shocking thing is that we can no longer support patients with dignity. »

“We are abusive”

The 25-year-old then deals with the following sector: she has 23 patients under her care at the time of delivery to the team in the afternoon, at 2:00 p.m. A disproportionate number that has been returning more and more in recent months to the regional hospital, while the proportion considered normal is one nurse for every eight or ten patients. “We are no longer capable of assuming deaths like thissums up Marie Lefrançois, her nursing assistant colleague. We realize that there will be failures in these conditions where it overflows everywhere. »

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In addition to this death, the saturation is such that the new team that arrives in the afternoon, this Monday, March 28, refuses to take office and triggers a “right of withdrawal.” the fifth since the beginning of the year, according to SUD-Santé-sociaux. A way to sound the alarm and force people to look for solutions to decongest. Stretchers are piled up in the corridors, in many boxes there are three patients instead of two, even the white plan room, where patients have no privacy, was reopened a few days ago, according to the caregivers present.

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