Axel (Married at First Sight) reveals a before/after of his physical transformation, wow!

This Wednesday, March 30, we discover a little more about Axel, the candidate for married at first sight, in love with his dogs and nature. This one made a story Instagram and made some revelations to netizens about his physique from ten years ago. He did not have the same muscular build that he has today. We explain you!

Married at first sight: Caroline was in for a big surprise when she discovered her husband…

Since March 28, 2022, when viewers of married at first sight I have discovered Axel’s portrait, we are only talking about one thing… his physique! The experts of the program have found a compatibility of 80% with cute Caroline who always has a big smile. The 29-year-old is the manager of a janitorial company while Axel, 30, is a project manager and site pilot. What unites these two unique people is their love for animals and life in the mountains. oh when he vegan meets her future husband for the first time, she is quite disappointed. This one had a lot of criteria about values, lifestyle, but also about appearance. However, she was really the rare pearl, too bad!

Axel had complexes several years ago

However, Axel has deep blue eyes, a beautiful smile, a muscular body, what more could you ask for? A few more inches for Caroline. Perched on her heels, she got over him… Axel also confided her discomfort to him ten years ago and sent her a beautiful message of hope to Internet users who feel bad in their skin. In fact, she revealed that she had a few extra pounds. « I didn’t accept myself overnight. I worked and my body gave it back to me because today, I like it. Become what you want, you have the ability“, explains the candidate of Married at first sight.

The main thing is that you feel good in your shoes. And no offense to Caroline that she didn’t fall in love with her. ” It’s small, Caroline will be much taller. He won’t like it. The beard seems too long to me. And she has a blue suit, Caroline hates blue suits. She worries me because I know she’s going to be disappointed. I want to go, I want to run away. I don’t want to see that“, his mother had declared during the ceremony. Upon discovering her future son-in-law, her eyes immediately darkened.

A difference between reality and television.

Don’t worry, today Axel has turned the page with this experience… Although we haven’t seen the response from Caroline, this does not bode well! This is what he confided to Internet users: Tuesday was tough, but luckily I had been shown the footage in January. I was prepared for that and took a step back so as not to worry. (..) We realize that what is real and what is shown on television may differ… »

the candidate of married at first sight he explains that he doesn’t blame Caroline’s mother for her harsh words. Indeed, she reacted spontaneously, since she knew the physical criteria of her daughter.

married at first sight : explained in private

Caroline has also wanted to give her version in a video on social networks. The brunette explains that she had been surprised, because during the workshops she had specified that she wanted to meet a man taller than her. ” I apologized to Axel. If he had known he was shorter than me, he would have moderated the comments. I do not Dear don’t offend himshe says. She also added: Axel told me privately that if he hadn’t physically liked the person, he would have been able to say no since he would never have felt physical attraction. (…) So I would just like to break with this mega hypocrisy by saying that I look at his physique while he looks at my interior. »

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