Hatem Ben Arfa, the serial clash

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“A head to shock.” This is one of the labels that stick to Hatem Ben Arfa’s skin and shirt. An image of a terrible child that gradually eclipses, in the eyes of some, that of a talented footballer endowed with many qualities. This weekend, the native of Clamart has done his thing again. Entering just thirteen minutes against Bordeaux, his former club, the Frenchman set LOSC’s locker room on fire. In addition to a scuffle with his teammate Tiago Djalo, HBA had a run-in with his coach Jocelyn Gourvennec, who came to calm his men.

Gourvennec, a new face on your hunting board

According to CMR sport, the former OL player would have thrown himself at his coach : “We play too low here. We don’t play like a team claiming a place in the European Cup. It’s not Guingamp here!. Which would not have happened at all with Gourvennec. This morning, the voice of the north I like The team He explained that the player who arrived this winter could be banned or even sent off after just nine games as his behavior is considered unacceptable.

Unfortunately, it is not the first time that a footballer born in 1987 has had problems with teammates and/or a coach. We all remember the “son of a bitch”» freed Abou Diaby in the famous documentary »At Clairefontaine*”. But he was still very young at the time of this estrangement. In addition, the former Arsenal player admitted that their relationship had not deteriorated. The two players were close. At the end of Lyon, the 21-year-old HBA was confronted by Sébastien Squillaci.The central defender had reconsidered this altercation.

Squillaci l’a “split in two”

“It was in training. I had had a somewhat rough contact with him. He had taken it badly and had had some pretty harsh words. After practice, things had heated up. I was very good friends with Sidney (Govou). I know that Hatem went to see him a fortnight or three weeks later to see if he could come and apologize. He did and we moved on. Hatem is quite an impulsive person. He was young. There are limits that should not be crossed, and he had crossed them, but it was a mistake. There is no problem anymore.”

Teammate of the two men, Rémy Vercoutre had been more talkative in the columns of The team. “I saw Hatem Ben Arfa disrespect Toto Squillaci by speaking very badly to him. Toto returned to the locker room very angry, he took his phone to chat with his brother, trying to calm down. Hatem landed and put two cents back on the music! And there, Toto put Hatem in the closet. He broke it in two, as it should be. it was brutal”. A few months later, HBA switched to the other Olympique (in 2008, editor’s note) and did it again very quickly.

Gerets, Deschamps and Blanc took a lot

Placed on the bench during the Clasico against PSG, an upset Ben Arfa refused to warm up before being mistaken for Eric Gerets. Aware of his mistake, he apologized at a press conference. “I’m here to put everything back on track. I had an out of place reaction. I am a competitor, a winner, matches like this, I dream about it. I apologized to the coach, the players and I apologize to the fans.”. A little later, in 2010, the Frenchman fell back into his ways. This time, it was Didier Deschamps who took a lot in training.

The player, tired of his substitute status, told him: “You’re breaking my neck…”. At the end of the season, he left the club and signed for Newcastle. In addition to a serious injury, he had some crazy outbursts there that allowed him to participate in Euro 2012. After the match against Sweden (2-0 loss), the player, substituted in the 58th minute, had told coach Laurent Blanc at the time he regretted that the players “dumber than him” she did not leave the field before him. Back with the Magpies, this time he had a tumultuous relationship with Alan Pardew.

He humiliated Nasser Al-Khelaïfi

A manager with whom he had a run-in on April 5, 2014 following a 4-0 loss at home to Manchester United. the Chronicle He explained that the Frenchman, criticized for his attitude in Mancun’s third goal, had had an argument with his coach. Fired then on loan to Hull City, then he went to Nice where Claude Puel knew how to tame him and get the best out of him. While we thought we’d eventually see it explode into a more exclusive club, HBA was once again at the center of tensions. First with Nasser Al-Khelaïfi. In April 2017, the player took advantage of Prince Al Thani’s visit to settle accounts and express his discontent.

A humiliating situation for the NAK, which ensured that the Frenchman would no longer wear the PSG shirt. And he kept his word by firing the player. Which didn’t stop Ben Arfa from staying and fighting Unai Emery. france football revealed at the time that the footballer made his teammates laugh in training by imitating the Spanish coach. He also told Emery that, even with the best team in the world, he would not make it past the UEFA Champions League round of 16. This annoyed the Basque, who had already had to manage the player’s reproaches to his assistant Juan Carlos Carcedo.

HBA set fire to Bordeaux

At Rennes then, HBA was penalized by Julien Stéphan after an incident on a green. His comments had also been taken badly afterwards. “These last matches allow me to move forward on my path for next season. I am oriented by the game, I do not enjoy and we must be guided by that. What we are offered is limited, so it guides my choice.. An exit that was not entirely to Stéphan’s liking, who despite everything maintained a good relationship with the player as he recognized. After passing through Valladolid, Ben Arfa joined Bordeaux.

There, he had a violent clash with Laurent Koscielny. Her relations with Benoît Costil and part of the group have also been refreshed, more comfortable without him on the pitch. The same goes for the coach of the time Jean-Louis Gasset. “I was disappointed in him. He expected something more, that he would behave like a leader. He knows defensive work isn’t his hobby, but I didn’t expect to ch… so much in the guys.”explained a close source. At the center of the tensions, he had finished the season before leaving on bad terms. This time, he may not have the opportunity to complete this exercise in Lille, where his case will be studied. The rest in the next episode… or crash!

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