Imminent departure of the director of the Guadeloupe University Hospital: Gérard Cotellon is

Gérard Cotellon would leave for Réunion, where he was to assume the position of director general of the ARS. His appointment should be made official on Wednesday in the Council of Ministers. The Guadeloupean will have spent just under 4 years as general director of the Pointe-à-Pitre/Les Abymes University Hospital.

The information is not yet official, but it has been confirmed to us by concordant sources: Gérard Cotellon is leaving his position as general director of the University Hospital Center of Guadeloupe (CHUG).
It is therefore left to all discretion that this Guadeloupean leave, called to other responsibilities. Very soon he will assume the position of director general of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Réunion. His appointment must be confirmed on Wednesday in the Council of Ministers.

It was in August 2018 that Gérard Cotellon was assigned to his native archipelago, after having been responsible for human resources at Paris Hospitals. At the time, his arrival was welcomed by local elected officials and CHUG staff unions.

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Knowingly, he accepted this new mission: he said he was ready to take on the challenge of ensuring the long transition period, between the passage of the current dilapidated infrastructure, impacted by a fire at the end of 2017, in Pointe-à-Pitre, to the new and modern facilities of Dothémare, in Les Abymes, operational in October 2023.

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But in the meantime, other difficulties linked to the Covid crisis have been added: this has highlighted a little more the lack of human and material resources. During this disastrous period, hospital mortality skyrocketed.

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And, the law on the obligation to vaccinate hospital staff has caused an unprecedented confrontation between the hospital management and the unions, in particular with the UTS-UGTG.
Some of the employees who refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19 were suspended, in accordance with the law, which the CEO, a high-ranking official of undeniable rectitude, applied to the letter.

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The suspended people describe the sanction as a violent and unfair act, towards the professionals”that they have not committed a fault“.
This social conflict, which continues to this day, reached its peak when Gérard Cotellon was attacked as he was leaving his office, after being kidnapped for much of the day.

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The man did not want to speak officially about his departure. He is undoubtedly waiting for his new destination to be official.

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