Married At First Sight – “Stop This Carnage”, “Stop The Pictures”, “I’ve Never Been So Uncomfortable”: A Scene Between Axel and Caroline Causes Web Uproar

This Monday, April 4, the third episode of “Married at First Sight” was broadcast on M6. A sequence about Axel and Caroline’s wedding caused a real “television malaise”, which worried Internet users.

“Married at First Sight” is the new Monday night date for viewers. the sixth season made his big comeback on March 21st on M6 and the fans your programs they were on point. For this new edition, new singles in search of love they wanted to rely on science to find their “soul mate”. If last week the French discovered Bruno and Alicia’s marriage and were particularly embarrassed by the groom’s relationship with his “possessive” sister, this week they witnessed a completely different “television malaise”.

Discover the before/after of Axel de Casados ​​at first sight:

Axel and Caroline’s wedding

During the first broadcast of this sixth season of “Married at First Sight”, viewers met Axel and Caroline. His description created hilarity on the Web, as the two candidates had a “dog profile”. If the young woman has 18 dogs, Axel is also an animal lover. So, of course, when they learned that the experts had found them an 84% compatible match, they were both thrilled… Until the day of the wedding. And for cause! When Caroline saw her future husband, she was very disappointed with her physique since the young man was shorter than her. Caroline then put up a lot of barriers between her and her husband.

“She’s Toxic”

This third episode kicked off at the fateful moment that all fans of the show were waiting for. And to everyone’s surprise, the young vegan said “yes” to Axel. However, in front of the camera, she chained criticism to her new husband. When the two young spouses found themselves alone in the car, the atmosphere was very tense. The girlfriend imposed her ideas on Bruno and bluntly made him understand that he had “a bad manners”, since he was not vegan and that he drank milk. In the end, this privileged moment between the two spouses turned into a particularly awkward sequence that upset the Web. Netizens did not appreciate that Caroline wanted to “change” the man she had just married and lamented her lack of “tolerance”.

“I’m uncomfortable too”

This discomfort only got worse as the night progressed. The dinner between the newlyweds and their family was very cold… But it was above all the opening of the ball that shocked all Internet users. Caroline made no effort and “ridiculed” her husband. For Internet users, it was “too much”. This sequence was considered a real “television upset”. It was so disturbing that some Twitter users even had trouble looking at their screens, while others called for “stop this carnage.”

Throughout the evening, this couple unleashed passions. Internet users, therefore, are impatient to know the outcome of his story. Were the experts right? Are Axel and Caroline happy together? The mystery hangs over the spectators.

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