MotoGP, Marc Márquez: internal investigation into the causes of the accident

Santi Hernández, technical chief of Marc Márquez, keeps secret the causes that caused the accident during the MotoGP warm-up in Mandalika.

By Luis Ciamburro from Racing bicycle

For Tuesday, sling will announce if Mark Marquez will be able to return to the track at the next MotoGP weekend in Austin. Or if for the return of the eight-time world champion, suffering from a new case of diplopia, we will have to wait for Portimao. The second option would seem the most accredited, but we hope that the visual disturbance will disappear very quickly and we are only waiting for the green light from Dr. Sánchez Dalmau.

These last days, Mark Marquez To return to Gym training and it is a clear sign that this time the recovery times will be shorter than in the accident five months ago. But how fast the return will be, there remains a question that can be cleared up on Tuesday. the test pilot Stefan Bradl He went out on the Termas de Río Hondo track but he doesn’t have the pace to face a Grand Prix. The German finished 19th some 32 seconds behind the winner. Next to him was Marc’s staff led by the chief engineer Santi Hernandez.

The absence of the champion is felt inside the box after the long absence of the 2020 season, and that of the first two and last two rounds of the 2021 MotoGP championship. It’s not something we expected. After the last two years, with the injury problems, which have come and gone, it has not been easy and this year we were very happy to start the season in normal conditions. », says the chief engineer of Mark Marquez. « Now it’s a cold shower. We are in a good mood, because we always try to look for the positive side, but what we want is for Marc to return as soon as possible, because we like working with him. ».

The causes of Marc Márquez’s accident in Mandalika

Nobody can give a date for the return, but the words D’Alberto Puig there was great optimism. the causes of the mandalaka accident only partially emerged. ” We’ve seen a lot of things, but nothing technically unusual. It cannot be said that at a technical level a component or a control has failed that we can point the finger. We made a summary of the things that happened and the important thing is to understand what happened within the team. When Marc arrives we will explain and talk to him about it, he is the one who has to give the explanations because he is the one with the motorcycle ».

On the other hand, the accident Mark Marquez It looked like a pretty unusual highside. ” It’s hard to see these crashes in MotoGP “, Add Santi Hernandez to ‘AS’. ” Especially today with all the (electronic) controls we have… We have to think about why these things happen and if they can be avoided. You have to think about how to avoid them, because those who ride are the pilots. “. The toughest shell adopted by michelin in Indonesia could have had an impact on the accident? ” Yes, in the Mandalika test we were fast and we had no problems. On the other hand, during the race weekend, we suffered… Saying more is not my position. It’s up to others to speak. I just do my job, understand the reasons for things and try to prevent them from happening again. ».

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