reopening under tension of the center “Les Airelles” ac

The return of children with multiple disabilities to their reception center in Airelles in Baie-Mahault is proving difficult. It has been 5 months since access to the structure has been possible due to the mobilization of the UTAS-UGTG against the law on the obligation to vaccinate. The management of the center has organized a meeting with parents this morning to discuss the conditions of recovery. It was under the escort of the gendarmes that they were able to access the establishment.

Complicated situation in front of the “Les Airelles” center this Monday, April 4. It is the only care center that welcomes children with multiple disabilities in the territory.

This morning, the director had wanted to meet with the parents to talk about the return to the campus. The center had been blocked for just over 5 months by personnel opposed to the obligation to vaccinate caregivers.
9 employees were suspended, two chose to accept the retraining system established by the authorities.

To ensure these last weeks the care of the children with a significant disability that combines severe mental and motor impairmentsIn addition to, on occasion, certain autistic disorders, home visits had been established. The Baie-Mahault municipality had also provided the team with a room to receive children and families.
Temporary solutions that ended this morning.

Hence this encounter under tension. A mother having indicated that the strikers had prevented her access to the establishment, the gendarmes were sent to the scene.

Therefore, it was under the watchful eye of the police that parents, children and employees were able to enter the premises of the establishment.

Among them, Rosy Sophiyair, mother of Rilcy, 12 years old. She awaited the return of her son to Les Airelles. Highlighting her medical frame, she also admits that she needs help. Caring for a “severely disabled” child when you work isn’t always easy, she explains.
If you specify that you are not against the strike, you do not accept the insults and pushes that you say you have been a victim of by the strikers. He also said that he intends to file a complaint, should it happen again.

I will not allow my disabled son to be pushed around.

Rosy Sophieir, Rilcy’s mother

For its part, management tries to reassure. This reopening was played out in court. From now on, Annabelle Voudou, the director wishes to return to almost normal activity. Due to the suspension of personnel opposed to the obligation to vaccinate, the center will have to reduce the number of children it takes in, but for her the most important thing is that they have adequate follow-up.

We are there, the employees are there and they have only one desire, to work for the children, at the service of these families who have had to manage a very complicated schedule for 5 months. With children who do not have access to inclusive school. They usually have access to school with us. So we will fight for them.

Annabelle Voudon, director of the “Les Airelles” center

Fighting for these children, these words are spoken by others, the strikers… They consider that they have not committed any professional fault and ask to return to their jobs.
Marie Rosbif, medical-psychological assistant, elected from the CSE UTAS-UGTG, is mobilized, in the position for 28 years at the “Les Airelles” center. She wants to negotiate a way out of the crisis with the management. The request went unanswered, according to the caretaker.

There is no solution for us to return to work.

Marie Rosbif does not move, there were solutions for the suspended staff to resume their activity.

Meanwhile, the management and the strikers remain deadlocked.

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