TESTIMONY. Near Toulouse, his wife dies despite several calls to Samu 31

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Michel Perez has just lost his wife, who died on February 2 at her home in Marquefave, Haute-Garonne, despite several calls made to SAMU 31. That day, in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic wave, the activity was longer than normal and the wait for an ambulance was too long.

Michel Perez has just lost his wife, who died on February 2 at her home in Marquefave, Haute-Garonne, despite several calls made to SAMU 31. That day, around 5:00 p.m., he felt that his wife, 71 years, not good. He then he is surrounded by a couple of friends who have come to visit them. “We felt that she was leaving,” he sums up.

In this area where the mobile phone goes bad, Marquefave’s neighbor decides to go out and move away from his house to ask for help, making sure he has a good connection. “I didn’t want to use my landline. I didn’t want my wife to hear and panic.

Michel Pérez then dials 15. “The regulatory doctor asked me for many details, he wanted me to pass the phone to my wife so he could talk to her. But it was technically impossible due to poor network and I wanted my wife to keep quiet. The doctor did not conclude that it was an emergency. I insisted because I saw that things were not going well but they did not send an ambulance”.

she dies two hours later

Michel Perez hangs up and tries to contact the doctors at his house. “They were busy or they didn’t move. I felt powerless.” When he returns to his wife, he discovers that she has lost consciousness. He dials 15 again. “This time the firemen came. But it was too late, they couldn’t revive her. The death certificate was signed at 7:30 p.m.

Since then, Michel Perez’s questions have persisted. Faithful reader of La Dépêche du Midi, he decided to contact us. “I received a letter from the hospital management offering me mediation. But I didn’t want to go on. I preferred to send a letter directly to the director of SAMU, explaining my experience and my feelings”.

Michel Pérez was received in the direction of SAMU 31 last week. “I went there without animosity. They were very transparent, showing listening and empathy. The lack of ambulances was explained to me on the day of my wife’s death, it was obvious. I stop there but I would like there to be an awareness of the lack of resources. It won’t bring my dear wife back to me, but I wouldn’t want others to go through this. The insistence on wanting to talk to my wife bothered me, I had the impression that they could have asked me to pick up a hanged man to make him talk. Regulation shouldn’t be like this… And I can attest because, four years ago, Samu saved me from a pulmonary complication”.

30% more activity

Contacted, the management of the University Hospital Center (CHU) of Toulouse responded with a press release. He specifies that he understands “the emotion of the family who lost a loved one and wishes to renew their condolences as well as the offer of support.” He adds that on February 2, in the midst of the fifth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, “SAMU 31 activity was particularly impacted with 30% additional calls” and assures that “the teams did everything possible to implement the operational means allowing the patient to be seen as soon as possible”. Finally, the University Hospital of Toulouse recognizes “a delay in the intervention between the initial call from the patient’s husband and the arrival of the medical vehicle”.

As a result of this fact, an analysis of the attention was carried out and an internal investigation was initiated to analyze the conditions of regulation and attention. These items will be shared with the Regional Health Agency (ARS Occitanie).

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