This exclusive 2-in-1 accessory is essential to enhance your interior!

At Ikea, practicality at a low price is the watchword. Something to please interior decoration lovers and, above all, those who don’t. you don’t have a big budget to go shopping. In any case, if you are looking for an original and easy-to-handle accessory, the brand’s latest release should interest you! This 2-in-1 device is ideal to allow you to enjoy your interior even more.


Ikea presents a 2 in 1 device!

One more time, Ikea surprises us with the arrival of an unpublished article on its shelves! On this occasion, the Swedish brand has opted for a product that will be quite special. You will have guessed it in our subtitle, it is a device whose use responds to two very specific needs. To begin with, know that the latter will serve as lighting in your interior. one LED light that will fit perfectly both in your living room and in your bedroom, for example.


But in addition to having this lighting function, this device offered by Ikea also acts asbluetooth speaker. Enough to allow you to listen to audiobooks or good music during your moments of relaxation. This is also the best way to put a good atmosphere inside! Its many features will also help you go in this direction.

A device with an amazing design!

Ikea has thought of everything with this 2-in-1 device that is a hit with users! Indeed, the Vappeby is designed with a very attractive design. However, it will not take up too much space. This device was manufactured for small and large spaces. It will also appear without too much concern at the level of your bedside table or on your desk for example. And of course you will succeed in light the room enough so you can read or do your other nightly activities.


As for its manufacturing material, knowing that this lamp is very robust. Therefore, it is not likely to deteriorate easily and quickly. An investment that will serve you over time and will beautify your interior drastically Especially since it is very easy to install inside. And if you are looking for a decorative accessory to complete your interior, this is exactly the one for you!

An Ikea appliance at what price?

Price is also one of Ikea’s strengths when it comes to bringing new products to its customers. The Swedish brand will not make an exception either with this article that will soon hit the shelves. So this will be an opportunity to get your hands on a lighting fixture without breaking the bank. Especially since it is entirely possible to use it wherever you go.

You should also know that this Ikea appliance is fully waterproof. Therefore, it is possible to use it if you are camping enthusiasts, for example. Its autonomy will allow you to maintain some lighting while listening to music all night!

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