WWE WrestleMania 38 Night 2 Results

WWE presented its Night 2 of WrestleMania 38 from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on April 2, 2022. Find Results of WrestleMania 38 Night 1 in this link.

– The WrestleMania 38 Night 2 Pre-Show begins with the panel made up of Kayla Braxton, Peter Rosenberg, Kevin Patrick, Booker T and Jerry Lawler welcoming us.

– Behind the scenes, we found Paul Heyman for an interview. His comments are asked about the fact that he seems nervous. Heyman asks if that is the best question for him. He is more than nervous, he does not feel well. Tonight he will have the end of a friendship and a career that lasted 20 years. NCAA Champion, UFC Champion, WWE Champion, Universal Champion. A loss of friendship and Lesnar’s career. He’s been there before, it’s deja vu from WrestleMania 30. He credited Brock Lesnar for the Undertaker streak, but he knew it was the beginning of the end for the Deadman. A spiral that fell on the end of the race. Tonight he feels the same way about Lesnar against Roman Reigns. Tonight we will have a loser when both titles are raised. He and Reigns will look down upon seeing the end of Brock Lesnar’s career.

– Behind the scenes, Maria is with Queen Zelina and Carmella to get their reaction before the match. Zelina says that she can win by pinfall or submission. Carmella says that she can do the same and they will keep the titles. Zelina lists her criticism of each of the fighters in the match.

– Behind the scenes, Maria asks Austin Theory for his comments for tonight. Theory says he has no worries. She just spoke with Vince McMahon and she has no doubt that she will handle this great NFL player when he retires. McAfee will have to apologize for getting in the ring with him. He is going to take the most fantastic selfie after the game.

– Backstage, Maria asks Bobby Lashley if he thinks he can take Omos down again. Lashley says that Omos is a monster, he has been dominating since his debut, be it AJ Styles, Montez Ford and others. Omos is almost unbeatable.

– The Pre-Show ends with the last comments of the panel.

WWE WrestleMania 38 Arlington, Texas

The commentators are Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves for RAW. For SmackDown they are Michael Cole and Pat McAfee.

– Tonight is WWE WrestleMania 38 Night 2, the special show begins with Jessie James Decker taking the stage for America The Beautiful. Mark Wahlberg then makes the opening video for the night.

– Triple H music begins and enters the ring. Triple H grabs his wrestling boots and a microphone. Triple H drops his boots in the center of the ring. Triple H says that he wanted to come here to say thank you. And show you my love in the best way I can. Welcome to WrestleMania! Triple H leaves his boots in the ring and goes to greet his family at ringside.

– We present at ringside Gable Steveson who will soon be on RAW.

RAW Tag Team Championship – Triple Threat Tag Team Match

RK-Bro (Randy Orton and Riddle) (c) vs. Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) vs. Alpha Academy (Otis and Chad Gable)

At the end of the fight, the Street Profits Block Buster Gable to cover him, but he resists two. Dawkins knocks Riddle out of the ring. Orton wants to take advantage of it with an RKO, but Dawkins pushes him and hits him. Ford takes the tag, Dawkins Back Flips Otis. Riddle comes out of nowhere and RKO’s Ford around the corner. Orton follows up with an RKO to Gable for the count of three.

Gagnants: RK-Bro

– After the fight, RK-Bro celebrates the victory, but the Street Profits arrive to exchange a drink. Gable Steveson is invited to the ring to drink too, but Chad Gable arrives and pushes his glass to the ground! Steveson is furious and takes off his shirt. Gable says that Steveson has a lot to learn, he has lessons for him. Steveson must learn to remain silent. Steveson grabs Gable and applies a Belly to Belly.

singles match

Omos vs. Bobby Lashley

At the end of the fight, Omos grabs Lashley during a jump and PowerSlams him. Omos continues with a Bear Hug, Lashley resists and Omos charges him into the cornerback. Omos picks up his Bear Hug, but Lashley pushes him away. Lashley connects some blows and applies a suplex. Lashley continues with a Spear from behind and a Spear from the front for the count of three.

Gangant: Bobby Lashley

– We present a video about the rivalry between Zayn and Knoxville.

Anything Goes Party

Sami Zayn vs. Johnny Knoxville

At the end of the match, Party Boy comes to the ring to distract Zayn and begins to undress. Zayn hits him and takes him out of the ring. Knoxville takes the opportunity to Roll Up Zayn, but he resists from two. Zayn pushes Party Boy across the ring to get rid of him, but another member of Jackass comes out of the ring to hit Zayn. The dwarf (Wee Man) gives him a Body Slam! Knoxville follows up with a Tornado DDT on Zayn to cover him, but he resists. Wee Man searches for the foot machine. Zayn hits Knoxville to push him back and avoid the foot. He Helluva Kicks Wee Man. Zayn climbs into the corner, but fireworks explode from the corner to hit Zayn below the belt. Knoxville takes out the bowling ball and rolls it into the balls. Knoxville shoves Zayn’s foot below the belt. Knoxville pulls out a taser, Zayn wants to run, but he gets a giant hand on his head. Zayn returns to the ring and waits for Knoxville to supply him. Zayn climbs onto the corner, but Knoxville pinches his balls and throws him onto the table at the back of the ring. The Jackass team searches for a huge mousetrap and closes the trap on Zayn! Knoxville covers him for the win as Zayn gets caught in the trap.

Winner: Johnny Knoxville

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship – Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match

Naomi and Sasha Banks vs. Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley vs. Shayna Baszler and Natalya vs. Queen Zelina and Carmella (c)

At the end of the fight, the fighters do a series of finishers. Banks and Naomi face Buster Morgan. The two make it to the corner, but are stopped by the other wrestlers to do Triple Powerbombs. Then Banks and Naomi make the Back Statement to Carmella for the count of three.

Winners: Naomi and Sasha Banks – New Champions

– We present a video about the rivalry between Edge and AJ.

singles match

AJ Styles vs. Edge

At the end of the fight, AJ avoids a Spear and Styles Clash covers him, but Edge resists two. AJ braces for his phenomenal forearm, but Damian Priest makes it to ringside. AJ is late for his Phenomenal Forearm and Edge blocks it with a Spear for the count of three.

Winner: Edge

– After the fight, Damian Priest enters the ring, Priest and Edge laugh together. They then celebrate together.

– We present a video about WrestleMania Backlash that will take place on Sunday, May 8, 2022.

– WWE announces 78,453 fans in the stadium for tonight.

tag team match

Sheamus and Ridge Holland accompanied by Butch vs. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods

At the end of the fight, Sheamus Brogue kicks Woods while the referee is distracted by Butch. Holland continues with a Brain Buster on Woods for the count of three.

Winners: Sheamus and Ridge Holland

– After the fight, Butch jumps on Woods to hit him, but Sheamus and Holland stop him.

– Introducing the 2022 WWE Hall of Famers. Undertaker takes the opportunity to greet the crowd one last time this weekend.

– We present a video about the rivalry between Theory and McAfee. Vince McMahon enters the ring and takes the microphone. Vince introduces us to a future Universal champion, Austin Theory. Theory takes a selfie with Vince. Vince takes his place ringside for the match.

singles match

Austin Theory vs. Pat McAfee

At the end of the fight, Theory avoids a Swanton from McAfee’s corner. Theory follows up with a Blue Thunder Bomb to cover it, but it resists two. Theory gets on the corner, but McAfee gets up and hits him. McAfee hits him in the corner and mistakes him for a Superplex, but Theory pushes him back and McAfee lands on his feet. McAfee returns to the corner and Superplexes him to cover him, but he resists two. Theory dodges a Big Boot and hits it. Theory takes it for his ATL, but McAfee rolls it up for the count of three.

Winner: Pat McAfee

– After the fight, Vince is furious with Theory and the stupid insult. McAfee points out that he wants to confront Vince! Vince takes off his jacket and tie! Vince takes off his shirt and goes into the ring! Vince asks a referee to come. Theory comes from the other side and kicks McAfee in the back! Vince asks to start the fight.

singles match

Pat McAfee vs. Vince McMahon accompanied by Austin Theory

Vince Clotheslines McAfee and pushes him against the cornerback. Vince gives him another Clothesline and pushes him into the corner. McAfee gets up, but Theory knocks him down and slams him into the post. Vince takes the ball and kicks McAfee for the count of three.

Winner: Vince McMahon

– After the fight, Vince asks to stop his music and invites Theory to celebrate for him. Theory and Vince hug and celebrate together, but the theme song for stone cold steve austin Start ! Stone Cold enters the ring for a one-on-one with Vince. Theory wants to hit him, but Austin blocks it and hits him to finish it off with a Stunner. Vince wants to calm things down with Austin. Austin offers him a beer and the two drink together. Austin surprises Vince with his Stunner and celebrates with his beers. McAfee gets up and goes into the ring to get a beer. But Austin turns him into a Stunner on the second beer.

– We present a video about the rivalry between Reigns and Lesnar.

– Reigns arrives first in the ring and asks people to recognize him.

WWE and Universal Championship – Singles Match

The winner will win and unify the two belts.

roman kingdoms accompanied by Paul Heyman and the Usos against brock lesnar

At the end of the fight, Reigns throws Lesnar through the barricade. Lesnar returns to the ring at nine, but Reigns throws him again to cover him, but Lesnar resists. Reigns launches into Superman Punch and hits the target. Reigns goes for a second Superman Punch and hits again! Lesnar stands up and laughs. Reigns lunges at Punch, but Lesnar dodges it and lands a German Suplex on him. Another German, another, another, another. Lesnar picks him up for an F5, but Reigns pushes him into the corner and lands a Superman Punch. Reigns goes for a Spear, but Lesnar knocks him down with an F5 to cover him, but Reigns resists with two. Lesnar picks him up for an F5, but Reigns blocks him and pushes him towards the referee. Reigns throws the referee. Reigns follows up with a Low Blow on Lesnar seeing the referee knocked out. Reigns hits him in the head with the Universal title and covers him, but Lesnar resists. Reigns throws Spear backwards and covers him, but Lesnar grabs a wire. Reigns goes for another Spear, but Lesnar catches him in Kimura Lock. Reigns resists and Heyman helps him grab a cable. Lesnar picks him up for an F5, but Reigns pushes him back and throws him for the count of three.

Winner: Roman Reigns – New WWE Unified Champion

Night two of WrestleMania 38 ends with a celebration for Reigns.

Photo Credit: WWE

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