Abandoned: “I’m scared”, says the director of the game, after the rumors of cancellation of the project

game news Abandoned: “I’m scared”, says the director of the game, after the rumors of cancellation of the project

Rumors have been accumulating in recent days about the Abandoned project, announced long ago but never shown yet. Hasan Kahraman explains it simply: he is afraid.

After Blue Box Games, project studio Abandoneddeleted all his tweets mentioning the project, the rumors reported that the project was abandoned. Blue Box had been forced to communicate that the game was not abandoned. A few days later it is Hasan Kahraman, game director, who speaks. In an interview for IGN, he explains these eliminations by fear of public feedback.

“I’m scared. I’m not going to lie”

Hasan Kahraman seems a bit overwhelmed by the enthusiasm around his game. Already last August, he presented an apology for the disastrous communication around the game : it’s a survival shooter, not a horror gameIt’s not a hidden Silent Hill, Kojima isn’t working on it… So many misunderstandings around the project that needed to be corrected. But the misunderstanding seems to continue, especially after the tweets deleted by Blue Box. Kahraman explains to IGN:

I did not see that coming. I didn’t think the community would react this way.. Actually, the tweets were deleted because part of the concept changed, and I thought deleting the tweet and then tweeting more relevant information afterwards would be a better idea, which it wasn’t really a good idea. Now I have learned to keep them. Even if the information or the concept has changedyou have to keep the above information because eventually people will see for themselves what the difference is and then they will see what the game really is.

Let’s remember that blue box a confirmed in recent days that the project was not abandoned, despite these deleted tweets. He doesn’t really explain why we haven’t seen anything in the game yet, and Kahraman addresses this very candidly: fear of feedback on the projectwho seems to care a lot.

The reason why people haven’t seen the game yetno game development, it’s just, and to put it in a nutshell, Because I’m scared. I am not going to lie. The reason I’m afraid is that it’s a personal job. I don’t work for Ubisoft, I don’t work for an AAA publisher. which tells me what to do, which basically tells me which game to play. It’s something personal. And as development progresses, not everyone may understand, because players do not see, do not understand what “in development” means – The players don’t care about that.

Players only care about what they see, at that moment. And I’m torn between these two options where I decide to show the development now, the progress, for share the development progress of Abandoned with the world – I choose wait for the right moment to make the appropriate disclosure. I’m still torn between two options because if I do the first script, I’m afraid people will be… scary. That’s basically what I’m trying to say. I don’t know if I will show images. of the game that is being developed at any given time, it is about presentation, how you present it to the world. And that’s what I’m focusing on right now. If I can present it in a good way, then I could put it on Twitter, yes.

The Prologue will not be a demo… or early access

In his interview, Kahraman also clarified the nature of the project. abandoned will be fine made up of three elements : l’application Experience in real timealready released on PS5 and serving as a trailer for the game (which had been very poorly received by players and the press when it was released); the prologue ; and the abandoned game. About the Prologue, Kahraman wants to be clear: he is not not a demo, but a full game.

The prologue is not a demo. People keep saying it’s a demo. This is not a demo. It’s actually a standalone game.. It comes at a price. It’s a low price because it’s probably about an hour or two of gameplay, but yeah, it’s a reasonable price. Is not that much. But the proceeds raised through Prologue will actually be used to fund development from Abandoned, you know? Therefore, we self-finance the game with the revenue generated by Prologue. That’s why we want to release the Prologue first.

It’s not not early accessbut it’s more like a… actually it’s more like a opportunity for players to get acquainted with the game’s story, gameplay, because it’s different. It’s our way of saying, “This is what we think a realistic survival shooter should look like.” In fact, it’s a great way to display in-game visuals. I don’t claim to be an AAA developer, but what we do is spend time making sure the environment looks realistic and that… with the power of Unreal Engine 5, we can offer something that is close to real lifereal stuff, you know?

Kahraman claimed that shortly after the release of the Prologue, Abandoned main game trailers would start rolling out.

In any case, let’s hope for Blue Box that the game actually releases, because after announcing five horror games since 2015 (six counting Abandoned), none of which have been officially released, the studio is starting to get a bad rap…

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