Apple: Amazon offers money on the entire App Store

Good news Apple: Amazon offers money on the entire App Store

As you probably know, Apple loves to keep perfect control over the App Store and the prices charged there. Except if you do it right, there’s always a way to scratch a few pennies. How? Or what? Thank you gift cards. For a very limited time, Amazon is offering an additional 10% cash back on any Apple Gift Card purchase over $25. This card is valid throughout the App Store, but not only, you’ll see. Profitable.

It’s not uncommon for Apple to offer small discounts on certain apps. Today, it is not Apple who decides. Since a gift card is literally money, that money can be used to buy anything. If an Apple Gift Card qualifies for a promotion, any Apple-branded digital purchases are sold.

The promotion currently running on Amazon is pretty simple. For any Apple gift card purchased over €25, you will be entitled to 10% of the amount invested as a bonus. For example, for €100 spent, you are “offered” €10 more, so you will have €110.

For your information, know that an App Store card is used for many different things:

  • Of course he can buy apps paid, games or not.
  • If you only use free apps with in-app purchases (like gems in Clash Royale for example), well that works too.
  • You can use the card to subscription services.
  • Speaking of subscriptions, the card is also viable for subscription. iCloud to store your photos away from your machines.
  • Finally, money can not only be used in the App Store, but also in other Apple services such as in iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple News, Apple TV, or even the “Books” app to purchase e-books.

Buy an App Store promotional card from €25 on Amazon

Don’t wait too long: finally reduced prices in Apple’s precious App Store

If you spend money on the App Store more or less regularly, it can be very profitable to buy a good number of gift cards as long as the promotion is active. Why ? Simply because once purchased, an Apple Card is valid indefinitely.

All you have to do is credit the card by April 27 and your Apple ID will be forever linked to the unlocked agent sum. It is clearly specified that the current offer will only be valid within the limits of available stocks. Many people will take advantage of this subscribe long term to various Apple services. Be smart, do the same.

How does it work ? Once you have paid on Amazon, the site will send you a mail within minutes with a code to enter on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. All you have to do is enjoy your money.

Buy an App Store promotional card from €25 on Amazon

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