Coline slapped her daughter during her libel trial

The life of actor Richard Berry is like a waking nightmare. Ever since Coline accused him of the worst, nothing stops him except…!

Another twist for Richard Berry!

In the mid-1970s, the Princess Richard Berry and Catherine Hiegel is born. Even if these parents don’t stay together for long, she has enough memories to make headlines. Since the end of January 2021, Coline has been going to the nearest police station. The purpose of it is not to report an attempted theft or a scam. Obviously, she bears a grudge against her father. The reason for her complaint is such that it seems like a tsunami destroying everything that she finds in her path. Very quickly, the prosecution opened a preliminary investigation. Unlike other cases, nothing will go according to plan!

Why this lawsuit?

A few weeks later, Richard Berry’s daughter tries to explain herself to the press. the world puts it enough so calm that she agrees to tell him about her ordeal in detail. This pain that only cries inside, he has been trying to hide since 19…84! A simple mental calculation makes us understand that she was a minor. During the weekends, he was under the responsibility of his father and his mistress of the moment, Jeane Manson. Coline’s confession is such that we understand that the latter was aware of it. Worse yet, he would have participated in the scene without flinching.

When you listen to this series of revelations, Jeane Manson’s blood makes a single turn. It is not about reading or listening to such horrors without defending yourself. In addition, it does not take long to file a complaint in turn. This time, it is defamation that is at the heart of the dispute. at[person]’s house Objectionwe lose so much Latin that we don’t know who will have the last word in this dark family history.

a chilling testimony

Dear reader ofObjection, he has understood, it is the first time that he speaks publicly about the facts. The strategy of his lawyers is simple. Deny everything from A to Z. On the judge’s side, the situation it is as dangerous as it is unprecedented. How to rule on defamation while the investigation into Richard Berry’s past is still relevant? It seems totally inconceivable! We have the right to ask ourselves if he has enough elements in his possession to decide in favor of one side or the other. Story to form an opinion, he decides to call the one for whom all this started to the bar!

Colina doesn’t beat around the bush. To illustrate the sexual abuse she would have suffered as a child, she uses the same harrowing metaphor. According to her own words, her father would have encouraged him to lead a ” orchestra imaginary. During this chilling game, her male genitalia was ” flute or sometimes a trumpet“. As for ” kisses on the mouth with the tongue“, are part of her daily life as an innocent girl.

Richard Berry’s daughter expected everything… except that!

Then it’s Jeane Manson’s turn. Certainly, during listening to Coline, she could often be heard laughing out loud. Without chewing her words, she declares that this is all a masquerade. She finds it’s ” such a despicable lie [et] settled down. » He quickly goes into detail and confronts his former daughter-in-law with her contradictions. She doesn’t move, she has never seen her without clothes. so she ” born [lui a] never touched the breasts. (…)” Coline is boiling on the spot. Water’s drop overflows when she hears this rumor that has been circulating about her since her earliest childhood. ” Since she was ten years old, everyone calls her the myth.« .

No longer holding his chair, the new love of Richard Berry and the mother of his little Mila ends up breaking down. After having crossed the courtroom, rushes to Coline. This float, no one will forget her as she freezes the audience. Obviously, this story has many twists and turns. What will be next? Continued in another numberObjection !

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