Pixel War: The war is over on Reddit, here’s the ultra HD render

news culture Pixel War: The war is over on Reddit, here’s the ultra HD render

This was without a doubt the event of this beginning of the week: the Pixel War marked the history of the Internet thanks to a considerable mobilization of Internet users, great streamers in support. If you want to see the result, you have come to the right place.

Pixel war takes center stage

we tell you here : On Reddit, a huge event took place that made headlines around the world. The goal was simple: every five minutes, Internet users can drop a pixel into a giant fresco (originally white) to collectively make one or more drawings.

And the least we can say is that the formula has paid off with titanic enthusiasm from communities around the world. Very fast, this “Pixel War” has motivated tens (probably hundreds?) of thousands of people and, in general, countries to compete with each other to build the most impressive and representative virtual work of their culture.

Very fast, France has occupied much of the virtual space, erecting a huge French flag occupying a large space visible to all. Then the other countries went to great lengths to put a spoke in their wheels, for example redrawing over it, creating an ultra-hyped “World Streamer War” outing.

A cool giant in 6K

After hours and hours of organized and tireless giveaways, carried out in France by streamers Kameto, Zerator and other tenors in the field, the Pixel War ended today, around 1 am The opportunity to admire the extraordinary 6K rendering, which houses hundreds and hundreds of references to web culture, modern, sports, etc. A disconcerting work, here transcribed in high definition that could well be used for printing, for those most interested.

  • See the Pixel War 6K render on Reddit

By the way, the videographer Mehdi Moussaïd from the YouTube channel “Fouloscopie” shared a graph that represents the frequency of color change of different pixels. : the opportunity to verify that it is indeed the French zone (lower left) that has attracted the most attention… and sometimes even the incomprehension of our European neighbors.

By Max_CagnardJournalist jeuxvideo.com


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