The mess of Ben Arfa’s first agent after his new skid!

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On Sunday we learned thatHatem Ben Arfa had an altercation with his coachJocelyn Gourvennec but also his teammate, Tiago Djalo. Always away from the group., the French international seems willing to see his experience in the North end prematurely. Which makes his first agent, Frédéric Guerre, who spoke for CMR sport.

On the reasons for the failure of Ben Arfa

“It bothered me psychologically a long time ago, in his childhood. He was the king, the king, the king. They always told him his rights but never his duties. When I saw him and his parents told me that he trusted, I was convinced that he had a player in my possession, if we worked on his mind, that he would be a future Ballon d’Or, he had so much talent. It will continue to be a big mess, it could be THE football mess of the 21st century.”

In a potential pressure too young

“No, there are many players who were told very early on that they would be pearls. And who were. Cristiano Ronaldo became very early on a hard worker, someone who always recovers. Cause. Karim Benzema made exactly the same journey. These they are people who told themselves that to get to the top you needed work, work, work. And that talent was not enough. But their mentor, Michel Ouazine (their adviser and manager, editor’s note), only told him He said talent was enough.”

about your state of mind

“I remember that once in Marseille, Didier Deschamps put him on the bench. Michel told me: “he puts him on the bench because he asks him to defend. But we’re not asking a future Ballon d’Or to defend!” And he says it in front of Ben Arfa… He can’t help the boy to grow up. Hatem is 35 years old today, but he will be 17 in his lifetime. child.

On the difference with Benzema

“When I took care of both of them, in U17, I went to see them in training. I saw Karim playfully looking at Hatem, to see what he was doing. Karim then tried to do it again and do it again… Grace in Hatem, Karim, who had understood that he was the second behind him, realized that the talent was not going to be enough. It gave him that desire to be the first, and he succeeded very well. Hatem did not notice, he thought that the talent was enough. And when you look at him today, he’s still convinced of that. I’m sure some psychiatrists would rack their brains over a character as difficult as Hatem.”

On the recent skid in Lille

“Hatem is a boy who has no filter between his brain and his mouth. There are people who say everything they say, but don’t say everything they mean. Hatem will tell you everything he thinks, and forcefully what he informs himself. what the press does to us, when it says that his team plays too low: it is an analysis of the footballer that may not be wrong at this moment T. On the other hand, by adding: “Here we are not at Guingamp”, it is necessarily wanting hurt his coach who went through the Guingamp. And he is intolerable for a locker room, a president, an institution. Again, if he made a difference like Mbappé at Paris Saint-Germain… but we are not there in Lille, and we will not be with the next one. Because there will be a next. There will always be someone who believes that Hatem is manageable and who accepts the challenge.”

To sum up

Frédéric Guerra, the first agent of Hatem Ben Arfa, did not hide his dismay after the new controversy involving the player. Worse still, he feels that ‘HBA’ has remained a child and could well be the great football mess of the 21st century.

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