the next expansion has just been leaked and players will be delighted

Announced in November 2019, shadowlandslast extension with date world of warcraftIt was finally released in November 2020 after a delay. An extension that did not convince and that many players now wish it was a thing of the past. And that’s good, the next expansion for Blizzard’s MMORPG has just been leaked.

a leak through wow site

Last January, a certain ItsYourself published in the forum columns of the MMO Champion site alleged leaks about the next expansion of world of warcraft. With the approach of an official announcement, the rumors will follow one another, it remains to be seen which ones are credible. It’s been a few months since this leak was published and it seems that the source code for the site world of warcraft confirms it

While poking around in the source code, a file called “Dragonflight” was discovered there. A possible first confirmation that echoes the leak last January. So Dragonflight obviously refers to fire-breathing dragons. Scaled creatures, very present in Azeroth, would therefore be at the center of this new expansion. However, it is also entirely possible that this discovery, which dates back to April 1, is a hoax created by Blizzard to trick players.

A relatively late April Fool’s joke that makes little sense. Especially since, if Blizzard’s roadmap is to be believed, a speech will be given on April 19. Leaks are not new to world of warcraftwho had already had to deal with a leak during shadowlandsthe latest expansion. Several months after the leak last January, it is making more and more sense.

a 10.0 with massive content

An extension that would be called “Islas Dragon” (The Dragon Islands / The Draconic Islands) and that would include a new area, a new race and a new game system. It is possible that Dragonflight is the name given to the extension internally. An extension that would take place after shadowlands, as the Jailer is defeated and Azeroth is shattered. Blizzard would take the opportunity to put the package with a string of great events. Earthquakes, invasions, time travel described as a “mini-season” that returns many dungeons and raids focused on Azeroth, enough to promise great content.

Players would be introduced to a world boss: “Garaddon, son of Galakrond”. Azeroth would also benefit from a new plan and a new system based on a particular talent tree. A new race known as the “black dragons” would appear and could be of any possible class. An expected 10.0 that should reveal its details in the coming days. Regardless, it looks like Blizzard has gone all out for this new expansion. The American giant seems determined to bring players back to its servers. And as with previous expansions, it’s a safe bet the servers won’t hold up at launch.

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